Recap of Day 2 of CDL 2023 Stage 3 Major

After two days of intense and exciting competitions, we have some expected results and others that are completely surprising.... Eduardo | 11. March 2023

After two days of intense and exciting competitions, we have some expected results and others that are completely surprising. So, join us to recap the second day of matches at the CDL 2023 Stage 3 Major.

Las Vegas Legion knocks California representatives out of the running

Las Vegas Legion finished in tenth place in the online qualifiers and was one of the teams no one had in their minds to be protagonists in this Major III. That is why the team started the main tournament in the Elimination Brackets, waiting for the losers of the Winners Bracket.

On their first day of competition, they had to face Los Angeles Guerrillas, who lost to Seattle Surge in the Winners Bracket last Thursday. There is no doubt that we all had our money on the Californian team for this match, but the Legion taught how to play with a heart to win an excellent 3-1 victory that allowed them to stay alive in the tournament.

Donovan “Temp” Laroda carried Las Vegas Legion in this match and finished with a K/D of 1.81.

But it doesn’t end there, as Las Vegas Legion had a very tight schedule, as they had to face Los Angeles Thieves immediately after, a team that was coming off a 3-0 win over Minnesota RØKKR but had dropped down to the Elimination Bracket after being crushed by FaZe Clan last Thursday.

With everything against them, including all bets, Las Vegas Legion, again by Temp’s hand, managed to eliminate in one day the other team representing Los Angeles with an excellent score of 3-1.

Now, the team awaits in Round 3 of the Elimination Bracket, the winner between OpTic Texas and Florida Mutineers.

OpTic Texas suffers but makes its home stand to beat London Royal Ravens

There is no doubt that OpTic Texas did not expect to meet so much resistance from the Ravens in this match. However, remember that we are in a Major and that the players show what they are made of in this match. In addition, playing in LAN in front of a live audience can be a load of motivation for many and pressure for others.

Likewise, OpTic Texas was able to make their home ground respected, and with the help of the local fans, they defeated London Royal Ravens in a series that was played over five games and ended with a score of 3-2. Again, Brandon “Dashy” Otell was in charge of lifting his team’s spirits and leading them to this victory, as he finished as his team’s best player with a K/D of 1.15.

Florida Mutineers knock off Major I champions

The disappointment of the 2023 CDL Major I champions, New York Subliners, was that they could only win two maps in this Major III. However, after being crushed by Toronto Ultra last Thursday in the Winners Bracket match 1-3, the team had all hopes intact, as they would face one of the teams that have shown the lowest performance this season, Florida Mutineers.

The Mutineers gave a blow on the table to surprise everyone, even their fans, by achieving an excellent victory in this match with a 3-1. The Mutineers won Hotel (Hardpoint) and Al Bagra Fortress (Search&Destroy) to start the series 2-0. The Subliners reacted with a crushing 3-0 win in Control (Al Bagra Fortress) to finally fall in Mercado las Almas (Hardpoint) to sign a disappointing performance in this Major III.

Now, the Mutineers are playing for their lives against the locals, OpTic Texas, in a match to be played in the next few hours.

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