Killjoy to receive a new nerf

Just a few days ago, Riot Games officially released VALORANT Patch 6.05, where we saw many changes and bug... Eduardo | 18. March 2023

Just a few days ago, Riot Games officially released VALORANT Patch 6.05, where we saw many changes and bug fixes, as always happens in Riot’s updates. According to some rumors, the next agent to receive some drastic changes will be Killjoy, one of the community’s favorites.

In addition, we also came across some much-needed improvements regarding the game’s new agent, Gekko, in his Wingman (Q) ability. However, this was not the only thing; they also implemented mechanical and visual changes to this agent.

Is Riot planning a new nerf to Killjoy?

Although the new update is not even a week old, we all know perfectly how Riot Games works in this environment. Well, launching an update and immediately starting working on the next one, there is no doubt about it. On the other hand, according to several leakers, Riot is planning to make a nerf to one of our favorite agents in the game, Killjoy.

While it is true that nothing is confirmed, these rumors are getting stronger and stronger because, according to the leaker ValorLeaks, this nerf could arrive for Patch 6.06, the next patch.

And this Twitter account has been responsible for creating a great discussion after leaking this information. Many community members have been very happy with this situation, as some players are not at all happy about this leak.

If many think these are simple rumors, this Twitter account has been used to get right many of the leaks it has made over the past few months. In addition, it recently announced a preview of what the VALORANT mobile would look like.

This nerf may have a lot to do with the fact that in the recent VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo 2023, this agent was the most chosen by players, and according to many game insiders, this is the current meta in VALORANT. Statistically speaking, Killjoy was selected in 70% of the first tournament matches in the VCT franchise era and had an excellent win rate of 50.5%.

But why is Killjoy so popular?

Killjoy exemplifies zone control in VALORANT. The agent’s defensive capabilities are admirable. He also excels in post-planting scenarios, where the squad benefits greatly from his experience. As a result, it remains more than viable, even if Riot Games has reduced some of its power.

Finally, we can note that there is still no confirmed information regarding Killjoy’s possible nerf in patch 6.06. But, after his nerf suffered in patch 6.03 in February, it seems unlikely that Riot could make another change to this agent. Recall Riot’s assertion that this agent changed due to his role as VALORANT’s primary sentinel. However, the modifications don’t appear to have had any impact.

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