Customize your HyperX peripherals with 3D printing from HP

The new HX3D program takes hardware customization to a completely new level. It combines HyperX gaming peripherals with HP’s... Maria | 5. January 2023

The new HX3D program takes hardware customization to a completely new level. It combines HyperX gaming peripherals with HP’s 3D printing technology.

HyperX announced a new program on January 4, 2023, that will give gamers different ways to customize their gear through HP’s 3D printing technology.

During CES 2023, HyperX will preview custom keyboards, headsets, mice, and other gaming products.

HyperX peripherals with 3D technology

The first planned series of 3D printed peripheral upgrades are limited edition keyboards. The new designs are compatible with HyperX and many other brands of mechanical keyboards. They will be available to consumers over the next few months.

HyperX global marketing director Daniel Kelley commented:

“We know gamers love customization, spending a lot of time and effort to update all kinds of in-game items, from characters to skins to weapons and beyond.”

“HX3D is taking this love of customizing a gaming experience to the physical world and enabling a wide range of fun ways to update and customize our award-winning HyperX gear.”

HyperX, in collaboration with game developers, esports teams, content creators, influencers, and creative teams, creates products designed specifically for gamer’s needs.

CES 2023

HyperX will demonstrate its first series of keycaps at one of the world’s largest technology trade shows, CES 2023. This show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The limited edition keycaps feature a unique HyperX Cozy Cat design.

HP Inc. is responsible for the creation of the HX3D products in their 3D printers as part of a growing collaboration between the two brands. In addition to leveraging its expertise in the area, HP brings synergy, innovation, and color printing to video games.

About keycaps

HyperX’s customization products will be made from reused powdered nylon, meaning they are made from eco-friendly material.

HyperX plans to release several additional keycap designs this year, some in collaboration with influential people in the esports world.

Introducing HyperX’s HX3D brings the next level of customization to gaming.


The HyperX Cozy Cat Keycap will be available in the United States in January 2023. The retail price of each keycap is $19.99.

About HyperX

HyperX is a company known for developing gaming solutions for gamers, offering products that deliver comfort, aesthetics, performance, and reliability.

Their products, such as headsets, keyboards, mice, USB microphones, and HyperX console accessories, are among the best gaming gear on the market.

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