Nisha Crowned The 1v1 King At BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024

The organizers of BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 held a 1v1 tournament featuring the main event participants and additional players.... Owen | 10. February 2024

The organizers of BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024 held a 1v1 tournament featuring the main event participants and additional players. Team Liquid’s Mid player, Nisha, ended up taking first place.

Overview And Rules Of The 1v1 Tournament

A total of 40 players, streamers, and coaches participated in the BetBoom DACHA Dubai 2024: Solo Tournament that took place between the Group Stage and Playoffs of the main tournament. The 1v1 tournament only lasted a day and distributed $100,000 in prize money.

The event featured players from other roles (including Support players), with some coaches also participating; not all participants were official Mid players.

The tournament followed basic Dota 1v1 rules, but additional ones were added to fit the tight schedule. Some notable rules and formats of the 1v1 tournament include:

  • Players can pick and ban heroes, with four compulsory ones being Pudge, Mirana, Shadow Fiend, and Puck.
  • No Bottles or Infused Raindrops allowed.
  • Players cannot destroy the enemy player’s Observer Ward.
  • First to two kills or destroy the enemy Tower wins.
  • If none of the win conditions happen, the match ends at the 15-minute mark. The player with the highest creep score will win the map.

The basic rules were laid out, but as the tournament went on, some players found ways to take advantage of situations without directly violating the rules. 

First Set Of Matches

In the early stages of the tournament, notable Mid Laners such as Quinn and Larl faced early exits. The former lost to Virtus.Pro’s Carry player Kiritych, while the latter was defeated by Xtreme Gaming’s Off Laner Xxs.

During the first few matches, players were learning from each other what the meta would look like, such as what items to buy and what abilities to skill on specific heroes. People began finding ways to cheese out the rules. For example, Team Liquid’s 33 started purchasing Sentry Wards and denying them to boost his creep score. 

Meanwhile, Nisha did not suffer from any upsets and used his individual prowess to breeze through competitors such as ATF and Malr1ne from Team Falcons. The Pole continued his dominance and defeated squad1x to reach the Semi Final, where he’d meet the reigning 1v1 champion, gpk, from the BetBoom Team.

Boxi Abuses Rules?

While all this was happening, a little bit of drama stirred on the other side of the bracket. Two Support players from Team Liquid and the BetBoom Team, Boxi and Save, faced each other in the Quarter Finals. 

All players in the tournament used Observer Wards to help with creep aggro, and the rules stated that players could not destroy the enemy player’s Wards. In the match against Save, Boxi placed Sentry Wards and let his creeps destroy Save’s Observer Ward instead of doing it himself. Technically, Boxi isn’t breaking the rules since he isn’t the one hitting the Ward. 

Destroying enemy Observer Wards gives players Gold and Experience, which is crucial in a 1v1. The admins agreed that Boxi did not violate the rules, and the Team Liquid player won the series 2-1 to reach the Semi Final. Save was not happy with what Boxi did. 

Grand Final Matchup

Nisha defeated gpk in a nail-biting series, where either could have taken the win. On the other side, his teammate Boxi expectedly lost to Xtreme Gaming’s Mid Laner Xm. With a Team Liquid civil war denied, the Grand Final would feature Nisha versus Xm in a Best of 5.

Unfortunately, the series wasn’t as entertaining as Nisha and gpk’s match. Nisha convincingly won the series against Xm with a final score of 3-1, solidifying himself as the best Mid Laner in the event. 

With this victory, Nisha pocketed $50,000, while Xm was rewarded $20,000 for his efforts. Overall, the tournament rules could have been clearer, but it was still a fun side-tournament before we went back into 5v5 action.