Na’Vi Qualify for The Grand Final of The Copenhagen Major

At the start of PGL Major Copenhagen, Natus Vincere did not look capable of qualifying for the Grand Final.... Radu M. | 31. March 2024

At the start of PGL Major Copenhagen, Natus Vincere did not look capable of qualifying for the Grand Final. Many doubted that they would compete in the playoffs at all. But after a very rough stage 2 in which the Ukrainian team came close to elimination, here they are.

The match against FaZe Clan is a great opportunity for Na’Vi to get revenge over what happened two years ago at PGL Major Antwerp and immediately after, at IEM Cologne.

Na’Vi’s Path to The Grand Final

Natus Vincere started PGL Major Copenhagen in stage 2 and won their first two matches. Their opponents were The MongolZ and G2 Esports. Each time, the battle was tough and iM’s team won only by several points. Against The Mongolz, the score was 13 – 10. Against G2, it was 13 – 11.

Thanks to these victories, Na’Vi could afford to lose two of their next three matches without getting eliminated from the tournament. And they actually did. Their opponents were Team Spirit, Cloud9, and paiN Gaming.

The matches against Spirit and C9 were difficult and they both ended with a 1 – 2 result in favor of Na’Vi’s opponents. Spirit made a comeback after losing the first map 13 – 16 and won the other two 13 – 9 and 13 – 7. Cloud9 did the same. They lost the first map, Mirage, 14 – 16, and then dismantled Na’Vi on Ancient (13 – 6) and Overpass (13 – 2).

Fortunately for the Ukrainians, the match against paiN Gaming was much better. Despite the close scores (13 – 10 on Nuke and 13 – 9 on Mirage), Na’Vi won 2 – 0 and had an amazing opportunity to reach another CS2 Major Grand Final. And they made the best of it.

In the quarterfinals, Na’Vi faced Eternal Fire, the tournament’s dark horse, and won. The scores were 13 – 16 on Mirage and 9 – 13 on Inferno.

In the semifinals, Na’Vi encountered G2 for the second time in this tournament. Based on what had happened in the first match and in other tournaments in the last three years, Na’Vi were regarded as the favorites. But they nearly lost the match. The scores were 16 – 13 on Anubis, 7 – 13 on Nuke, and 13 – 11 on Ancient.

On the 3rd map, G2 were more than 5 rounds behind and almost made an epic comeback. Na’Vi won the very last round and prevented the overtime. Without that round win, they would have been in a lot of trouble because the momentum was on G2’s side.

Header: Natus Vincere