MR12 to arrive in CS2

As we all know, the new generation of gamers tends to get bored with many opportunities because of the... Eduardo | 19. August 2023

As we all know, the new generation of gamers tends to get bored with many opportunities because of the (prolonged) time that competitive CS:GO games tend to take. That is why Riot Games implemented a shorter format in VALORANT competitive games, as the 45-60 minute games are now 30 minutes long.

However, Valve once tried to implement this MR12 format in CS:GO for several days but was unsuccessful. After several reports and rumors, everything seems to indicate that this could be a game mode that would arrive in CS2.

Likewise, that this format would reach the competitive scene is very far from becoming a reality, since the game’s economy, especially after the pistol round, would not allow you to do it properly. Recall that, currently, winning a pistol round could guarantee winning two more consecutive rounds. As a result, this would be very influential in games with fewer total rounds.

Valve reportedly testing the MR12 format in the CS2 Limited Test

According to popular CS journalist ThourCS, at the CS2 Limited Test, Valve is reportedly testing the MR12 format, which shows a win in round 13, just like in VALORANT. However, ThourCS also references that the game economy remains the same, which could be counterproductive in this format.

As mentioned, if the game economy stays the same, some teams that manage to win the first five consecutive rounds would be very close to a victory in the MR12 format. Remember that this format is much shorter, and the results tend to be much more complicated to come back from.

Also, this would not be the first time Valve tried to implement the MR12 format since they did it at the Gamers Without Borders event held in 2020. However, after the end of this charity tournament, several players gave their views regarding it.

The reaction of some professionals

Andrij “B1ad3” Ghorodensjkyj, Head Coach of NaVi, said he does not like the MR12 format. In addition, B1ad3 commented that he tried this format many years ago and in tournaments where the time limit was 30 minutes in each game; while it was “fun,” the NaVi Head Coach said that the best format is MR15. According to B1ad3, the current CS:GO format allows teams to bounce back from a bad start and, of course, the better of the two wins.

Janko “YNk” Paunović, who was part of FaZe Clan at the time, also had similar comments to B1ad3. YNk said that he didn’t like the MR12 format since a lot of importance is given to the Pistol Rounds because if you win both and then the anti-echoes, you are very likely to take the win.

For now, Valve has no official announcement if the MR12 format will be implemented in CS2. However, it may be open, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it arrives as an independent game mode within the game. Remember that this mode is faster and allows players to play more games quickly.

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