MLBB: Global Ban/Pick System among MDL-PH S3 highlights

A new rule that can potentially change the overall system of MLBB pro play is now being tested in... Paolo | 1. March 2024

A new rule that can potentially change the overall system of MLBB pro play is now being tested in one of the most competitive MLBB developmental leagues worldwide.

The MLBB Development League (MDL) Philippines Season 3 will implement a Global Ban/Pick System, MOONTON Games, the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, announced in a press conference March 1st.

The Global Ban/Pick System allows the team to use a particular hero only once during the series. This means that the hero, once used by a player in the team, cannot be used again in the same series by the same team. However, the opposing team can still choose to pick and use that hero, provided they haven’t used it.

The said system is already being used in MDL Indonesia.

This now makes players in the league more careful and tactical in terms of their draft bans and picks, as well as diversifying the hero pool that MDL and pro players need in order to win games.

When asked whether or not this may extend to the main MLBB Professional League or MPL, MOONTON Games marketing manager Harry Leonardo told reporters, “This is why we are also exploring on how we can make things more interesting and more competitive in the MLBB esports scene, so MDL being our secondary league, there’s more room for exploration and experimentation.”

Leonardo also added, “I personally believe that the players and the teams themselves are creating and shaping the meta. Aside from that, we also want to see a diverse hero pool, especially for our MDL teams and really test how far they can go with such a really competitive and a really restricted scenario.”

10 participating teams will be dared to showcase how they level up their strength in-game and compete to take home the biggest share of the prize pool worth US$20,000 USD.

This season’s participating teams are Blacklist Academy Rough Era (BLRW), ECHO Proud (ECHO), RSG El Ganador (RELG), AP.Bren Xia (APBX), ONIC Arsenals (ONIC), Smart Omega Neos (OMGN), TNC Z4 (TNZ4), Minana Archives (MNNA), GameLab x Desolators (GLAD), and RRQ Kaito (RRQ).

Also, for the first time in the MDL Philippines’ history – the MDL Philippines playoffs will be played in a LAN setting after two seasons of a purely online competition.

The regular season of MDL Philippines Season 3 will be held from March 12 to April 24, with the playoffs to be held from May 10 to 12.

Matches can be watched live on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and in the MLBB In-App stream.