Gen.G returns to the VCT Game Changers with new lineup

As it has been reported, the qualifiers for the VCT Game Changers 2023 are about to begin, which is... Eduardo | 4. April 2023

As it has been reported, the qualifiers for the VCT Game Changers 2023 are about to begin, which is why many of the big esports organizations in the world have been making important announcements in the last few hours.

This time, we have the popular Gen.G Esports organization, which returns to the VALORANT women’s scene by signing an international lineup named Gen.G Black.

The girls in this lineup will have a very quick litmus test, as they will have to play their first match in the VCT Game Changers Series 1 open qualifier in the coming hours.

Gen.G Black Announces female lineup for VCT Game Changers

On Monday, April 3, Gen.G announced their VALORANT women’s lineup heading into the VCT Game Changers Series 1 open qualifiers on their Twitter account.

As mentioned, this marks Gen.G’s return to the women’s VALORANT scene, as the organization had a very good track record in 2021. While the successes started at the Academy level, the girls then managed to qualify for Game Changers Series 3 2021 and Game Changers Series 1 2022. However, the organization has failed to qualify for the main event since then.

The new Gen.G Black lineup is as follows:

  • Calvrix
  • Heist
  • IssaNina
  • Kasumu
  • Kazler
  • Kazz
  • Rose
  • Sword – Head Coach

There is no doubt that, while this lineup has no recognized names in the VALORANT women’s pro scene, the organization has every confidence that they can make it through the open qualifiers and seal their ticket to the main event. Also, they may have an advantage, as they are truly an unknown talent and may catch other teams off guard.

International and inexperienced lineup

While Calvrix, heist, IssaNina, kasumu, and kazz are American, kazler is Polish, and rose is Brazilian. In addition, their Head Coach, Alexander “Sword” Szymkiewicz, is Canadian. All these girls will be playing at the highest competitive level for the first time in their careers, as none of them have played at the top level of the Game Changers. On the other hand, it is worth noting that they have a long history within lower levels of competition.

Many may think that this lineup is a sort of experiment that Gen.G is doing to get back into the women’s VALORANT scene. However, the fact that the girls are sponsored by an organization as important as Gen.G. can show them their full potential and give many pleasant surprises.

The debut of the Gen.G Black girls will not be long in coming, as they will have to play their first game today, April 4. In addition, in the team’s debut, we will see what these girls are made of and if they can face the best teams in the region to get their ticket to the VCT Game Changers Series 1.

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