Mikes becomes the new 100 Thieves VALORANT Head Coach

More structural changes to the 100 Thieves are coming through, as the organization has announced that Head Coach Sean... Fragster | 20. October 2022

More structural changes to the 100 Thieves are coming through, as the organization has announced that Head Coach Sean “sgares” Gares is stepping down to focus on content creation, while Assistant Coach Michael “Mikes” Hockom will take over his role.

After it was announced that the General Manager of the 100 Thieves League of Legends team Christopher “PapaSmithy” Smith is leaving the organization, the next change is up in the 100 Thieves structure, but this time, in the VALORANT roster.

Sgares goes back to content creation

In a six-minute video posted on Twitter, Daniel “ddk” Kapadia, General Manager for 100 Thieves Valorant announced that sgares is turning his attention to content creation and is leaving his coaching responsibilities behind. Ddk addressed the move in the announcement, while Mikes also spoke up to let 100 Thieves fans know what to expect in the future.

Sgares explained the reasons for his departure:

“The transition is definitely bittersweet. I miss streaming and content creation and that was one of the hardest things. Also, I really missed casting and just being more involved in the scene,” sgares said in the announcement.

He went on to say that he never thought he would miss content creation so much and that he believed his competitive side would prevail. Sgares was a VALORANT analyst and commentator for over a year before becoming the 100 Thieves coach in March 2022.

Mikes becomes the new Head Coach

As a result of sgares’s departure, Mikes has been promoted to the role of the Head Coach of 100 Thieves Valorant roster, and the organization is now looking for a new assistant coach.

100 Thieves hired the trio of ddk, sgares and Mikes on March 22, 2022 to redesign the Valorants roster after a disappointing start to the season. With the trio at the helm, 100 Thieves brought in four new players for VCT Tier 2 and qualified for the 2022 Valorant Champions via the Last Chance Qualifier tournament.

Mikes was instrumental in the team’s promotion to the Champions League and he is confident the team will find success in the Americas League next season. He also explained that in the offseason, the team will work to balance everything so they have the best possible chance of winning the Americas League and participating in VCT again next year.

DDk also revealed that there will be more announcements related to the 100T Valorant team in the future. Fans will see Mikes take on the role of Head Coach at the VCT opening tournament in Brazil scheduled for February 2023.