Microsoft’s move: $1 Xbox Game Pass Trial ends ahead of Starfield’s launch

Mere days before the release of the highly anticipated Starfield debut, Microsoft has decided to bid farewell to its... Shubh | 29. August 2023

Mere days before the release of the highly anticipated Starfield debut, Microsoft has decided to bid farewell to its famed $1 Xbox Game Pass trial. 

As the countdown to the highly anticipated release of Bethesda’s space-faring RPG, Starfield, reaches its climax, Microsoft has taken a strategic step that has raised eyebrows among gamers. Just days before the game’s launch, Microsoft has officially discontinued its famed $1 Xbox Game Pass trial, leaving potential subscribers with no alternative but to commit to the full subscription cost. 

Microsoft has historically allowed new users to test the waters by providing a one-month trial for just $1, but this enticing offer has been quietly withdrawn, catching many gamers off guard. But tides of change became evident when Microsoft adjusted the pricing for its most comprehensive Game Pass service, the Game Pass Ultimate, raising it to $17 a month.

This adjustment, made back in early August, coincided with a reduction in the free trial duration to a mere 14 days. Now, as the winds of August give way to Starfield’s arrival, it appears that Microsoft has taken the momentous step of eliminating the free trial option altogether. As gaming enthusiasts flocked to Microsoft’s Game Pass landing page, they discovered the absence of the trial that once beckoned newcomers with its enticing $1 offer.

While this decision aligns with a business standpoint, some potential subscribers might be disheartened by the removal of the trial option, particularly those who were looking forward to experiencing Starfield on a budget. With its imminent launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC, Starfield is set to become one of the most significant additions to Microsoft’s gaming portfolio. 

Shifting Winds: The Transformation of Offers

As the clock ticks down to Starfield’s grand unveiling on September 1, gamers seeking to immerse themselves in Bethesda’s cosmos-spanning RPG will now be required to invest more. With the curtain falling on the $1 trial, players must now commit $9.99/£7.99 per month on PC or $10.99/£8.99 per month on Xbox. For those coveting the Ultimate experience, a premium of $16.99/£12.99 per month is the cost of admission. 

This tactical maneuver, while unexpected, resonates with a calculated strategy. Microsoft’s decision aims to harness Starfield’s potential to significantly bolster Game Pass subscriptions, propelling the platform’s revenue forward. While the removal of the $1 trial might disappoint gamers who were eyeing a cost-effective way to explore Starfield, it’s important to note that Xbox Game Pass still offers exceptional value. Whether Microsoft will revisit its trial offering after the launch remains uncertain, but for now, gamers must ready their wallets to fully immerse themselves in the Starfield experience.

Header: Microsoft/Xbox