LoL Update: Fairer Ranking System for New Players in Patch 14.8

League of Legends’ latest update in Patch 14.8 significantly improves the game’s ranking system, introducing a fairer ranking system... Aleksandar | 23. April 2024

League of Legends’ latest update in Patch 14.8 significantly improves the game’s ranking system, introducing a fairer ranking system that is specifically customized for new players. 

This much-needed adjustment aims to accurately match newcomers to their true skill levels, ensuring a smoother and fairer entry into ranked play.

With these changes, Riot Games enhances both the competitive integrity and the overall experience for all players.

A Much-Needed Adjustment

For years, new players faced a confusing start to their ranked expedition. Initially, the system tended to place them too high, often beyond their skill level, based on their performance in a handful of placement matches.

This mismatch led to frustrating games for both the newcomers and their teammates. However, the latest game update promises to resolve these issues.

Matt “Riot Phroxzon” Leung-Harrison, League’s lead gameplay designer, recently announced on social media that the system for assigning ranks to new players has been refined.

According to Leung-Harrison, the new approach aims to place players more accurately on the competitive ladder, making the climb more reflective of their true abilities and ensuring a fairer ranking system for all.

Impact on Players

The change is especially geared towards players who are trying ranked games for the first time. The system previously did not account well for those whose experience was limited to non-ranked game modes such as ARAM and Bots.

Now, every new entrant to ranked play will find themselves placed in a division that more closely matches their skill level.

This adjustment means that new players will no longer find themselves unfairly placed into higher ranks, only to struggle against more seasoned opponents.

The update should level the playing field, offering a more gradual and realistic progression through the ranks.

Effects on Smurf Accounts

Smurf accounts, created by experienced players starting anew, will also see a longer journey up the ranks.

This move by Riot aims to discourage the practice of smurfing and ensure a healthier competitive environment where players compete against others of similar skill levels.

Ongoing Adjustments and Expectations

fairer ranking system

Leung-Harrison further explained that while visual ranks won’t change instantly, the behind-the-scenes adjustments will ensure that the rank visible to players aligns more closely with their actual skill level over time.

As part of this transition, some may experience what feels like harsher penalties for losses and modest gains for wins.

For instance, it might be possible to lose as much as 35 LP for a defeat and only gain about 15 LP for a victory initially, but these numbers will balance out as the system stabilizes.

Future of Ranked Play

These recent changes are part of a broader effort by Riot Games to improve the integrity of ranked play in League of Legends, introducing a fairer ranking system. Earlier this year, Riot adjusted the penalties for losing matches, which now result in more significant demotions.

Players also start with 50 LP at their new rank after demotion instead of the previous 75 LP, making the climb tougher but more rewarding.

Riot continues to monitor and tweak the ranked system, promising that more updates are on the way to ensure an engaging and fair competitive experience for all players throughout the rest of the 2024 season.

This ongoing commitment to balance and fairness highlights Riot’s dedication to keeping League of Legends a challenging yet welcoming space for new and veteran players alike.