Leviatán confirms the signing of aspas

The novel around one of the best VALORANT players today is over, as Erick “aspas” Santos chose Leviatán as... Eduardo | 12. October 2023

The novel around one of the best VALORANT players today is over, as Erick “aspas” Santos chose Leviatán as his new home for VCT 2024.

VCT Americas League 2023 MVP aspas announced his departure from LOUD by declaring himself a free agent several days ago. As a result, since that moment, rumors began about what could be the new home of the Brazilian superstar for the VCT 2024. Moreover, let’s remember that staying at LOUD was not the best option for aspas, as there was much talk about internal problems in the squad.

On the other hand, it is also fair to mention that there is no doubt that aspas was a player many teams in the world wanted. However, he decided to join a neighbor from his South American region.

Aspas joins Leviatán

Through a post on its official Twitter/X account, Leviatán confirmed the signing of aspas as the team’s new main Duelist ahead of VCT 2024.

This marks the departure of aspas from LOUD, a team he helped win it all at the national, regional, and international levels. Several days ago, we anticipated that aspas and Leviatán had a verbal agreement; however, now that has become an official signing after the announcement by the South American organization.

On the other hand, this is a great leap in quality that Leviatán will surely have for next season, since for many, aspas is the best Duelist in the VALORANT competitive scene. Likewise, we will have to see how the Brazilian will adapt to a Spanish-speaking team and with a completely different approach to what he was used to in LOUD.

About Aspas

As we know, Aspas has always been in the spotlight of VALORANT’s competitive scene; since his early days, he was seen as one of the greatest talents on Brazilian soil. In addition, the player made his mark with spectacular performances with LOUD.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that Aspas completely dominated the Brazilian national scene, regionally in the Americas and internationally worldwide. Recall that the Brazilian superstar was one of LOUD’s spearheads in the team’s victory in the VCT Champions 2023. In addition, it is fair to remember that aspas was the MVP of the Grand Final, thanks to his excellent level with Jett.

About Leviatán

On the other hand, let’s talk about the South American organization Leviatán. This squad needs to give a clean slate for VCT 2024 since it had 2023 full of ups and downs.

This is where we believe aspas will play a very important role, as he will be able to provide leadership, experience, and, above all, stability to the squad. Currently, Leviatán has Francisco “kiNgg” Aravena, the team’s IGL for the 2023 season, in its lineup. However, with the signing of aspas and rumors about the addition of Ian “tex” Botsch, everything seems to indicate that the South American organization is filling up with talent and firepower.

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