Leaked new League of Legends champion

While one of the main characteristics of Riot Games was the ability to keep secrets, right now, this is... Eduardo | 29. December 2022

While one of the main characteristics of Riot Games was the ability to keep secrets, right now, this is no longer the case.

In recent years, we have observed how there have been leaks about the upcoming news that is coming to this fantastic MOBA from Riot, which has ended up being true.

Now, in the last few hours, a well-known user of LoL leaks, BigBadBear, has shared new information about what could be the 163rd champion that will come to League of Legends.

New Pokémon-inspired champion

We already knew about the new League of Legends character: it would be a support champion focused on healing and other team protection mechanics.

According to reports, the next champion will be fire-based and related to a kind of slime, shown in some promos.

According to the information published by this leaker, the new League of Legends champion will be inspired by Pokémon and will be something “like if Taliyah had a little brother.”

The Pokémon that supposedly inspired this design would be Scorbunny, Raboot, and Cinderace. These were the fire Pokémon introduced to the game in the eighth generation, as well as having a football-related theme.

Recall that Ixtal, the fictional region of the LoL universe, is Latin America’s counterpart. So while Neeko, or Qiyana, is inspired by Brazil and Mexico, we believe that the passion for soccer in these countries has inspired the developers with this new champion.

Release date of the new champion

For the moment, Riot is entirely silent on announcements regarding the next League of Legends champion.

If we go back in history, it is Riot’s tradition to release the saga’s new character together with the start of a new season. However, the rumor is that the game developers will take a completely different path this time.

The first time Riot mentioned the arrival of this new support champion to the League of Legends world was in a presentation in August. Here, the champion was “in a state of primary development.”

We do not know if that information was fake to avoid this type of leak, but we will likely have to wait a little longer to know the next champion.

We know it will arrive after the launch of the Aurelion Sol rework. This event will occur on January 10 or 11, as confirmed by Riot Games. Also, the new season of qualifying games will start on one of these dates.

Header: BidBadBear | YouTube