LCS allegedly disabled Viego in Spring Split Playoffs

According to information shared by 100 Thieves, specifically by Jungler Can “Closer” Çelik, the LCS has temporarily disabled Viego... Maria | 21. March 2023

According to information shared by 100 Thieves, specifically by Jungler Can “Closer” Çelik, the LCS has temporarily disabled Viego from the Spring Split Playoffs.

According to Jungler Closer, Viego has been disabled due to a bug affecting the game. Therefore, Viego will be disabled for some time. However, it is not yet known when.

Spring Season

All fans have had the opportunity to see a series of extraordinary events full of surprises throughout the LCS Spring Season. Unfortunately, although it has been an eventful week for everyone, Team Liquid is missing the spring playoffs. On the other hand, 100 Thieves is giving their best effort to be present in the main event.

However, that’s not all; a new event joins the previous ones. We are talking about nothing more, and nothing less than Viego has been deactivated due to a bug that breaks or affects the game. As we commented, this information came to the public light thanks to Closer.

Viego will be deactivated for some time

To share the Viego information, Closer has shared an image of a Discord chat. In the image, you can see the information shared by a Riot Games employee in charge of competitive operations.

The message explains that they recently found a Viego bug breaking the game. As a consequence, they have to disable Viego competitively temporarily until the bug is fixed.

We can say that since Closer faced the champion throughout four games during the Spring Split, Viego has been a crucial component of the recent 100 Thieves team. Three of the four games we are talking about took place in the last week of the Split.

For some time now, specifically since 2021, this player has been very close with this champion; Closer has a great history with Viego. So we can say that the player, thanks to his familiarity with the champion, has made the most of his performance, which translates as a great help to the team and, to some extent, to the success of 100 Thieves during this season.

However, this would not be Viego’s first setback this year. According to the League broadcast, Viego was ineligible to play during the LCK Spring Split. The reason for disabling him then was the bug that occurred when the champion transformed into Aphelios.

Riot has not given any information about Viego

For the moment, Riot Games has not given information about when the champion will be disabled, nor have they commented on what the bug is this time. Therefore, it is not yet known if 100 Thieves can use Viego on March 23, the start date of the spring playoffs.

The team is likely planning new strategies if the champion is inactive on that date.

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