Jojopyun was close to joining Liiv SANDBOX

These days, it’s rare to find players from the LCS jumping to the LCK or LPL, as the abundance... Eduardo | 20. November 2023

These days, it’s rare to find players from the LCS jumping to the LCK or LPL, as the abundance of talent in these regions makes it virtually impossible for them to look elsewhere.

However, that came very close to happening, as some reports indicate that Liiv SANDBOX offered an excellent contract to Joseph “Jojopyun” Pyun, current Evil Geniuses MVP and LCS MVP.

No doubt this surprises many in the scene, as Evil Geniuses did not play well at all throughout 2023. However, the fact that Jojopyun won the MVP of the season meant that many teams could pique interest in the Canadian player.

Liiv SANDBOX was close to signing Jojopyun

According to a report by LEC Wooloo for Sheep Esports, Liiv SANDBOX was very close to signing Jojopyun for the 2024 LCK season.

According to Seeger, Jojopyun was contacted by Liiv SANDBOX this offseason and offered a “substantial” contract.

According to reports, this offer came a few days after Jojopyun agreed to sign with Cloud9 on November 3. Indeed, Jojopyun has been in talks to join Cloud9 since before the start of Worlds 2023.

When everything seemed to be on track for Jojopyun’s signing with C9, Liiv SANDBOX’s juicy offer came very close to ruining the LCS org’s plans. However, Cloud9 reconsidered their offer, improved it, and convinced Jojopyun to stay in the LCS.

Similarly, there are just rumors, as neither Cloud9, Evil Geniuses nor Jojopyun have officially announced anything. However, the Canadian LCS MVP is expected to leave EG and join Cloud9 by 2024.

About Jojopyun

As we mentioned, Jojopyun comes from being the MVP of the LCS. He displayed his best level of play, especially in the Summer Split, when he was very close to leading his team to qualify for Worlds 2023 or at least to the WQS.

Likewise, it is also fair to mention that this has been Jojopyun’s best year since his debut at the highest competitive level. However, it must also be said that the canadian is under contract with EG until the end of 2024. As a result, for this move to happen, Evil Geniuses would have to accept the player’s transfer or terminate the contract.

Remember that the league’s offseason starts next Tuesday, November 21, and players can sign contracts with their teams at that time.

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