Interesting statistics from HLTV for 2022

The HLTV news portal recently conducted the CS:GO results of 2022 and published a whole list of interesting and... Fragster | 29. December 2022

The HLTV news portal recently conducted the CS:GO results of 2022 and published a whole list of interesting and unique indicators of teams and players in the past season. 

HLTV has published lists on items such as the most rated players, the best players and teams on the offensive and defensive sides, the most unexpected losses of the season, or the best comebacks of the year. We picked some of the most interesting stats.

S1MPLE is the best-rated player

According to HLTV calculations, NAVI sniper Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev became the top-rated player of all major events with a score of 1.25. The funny thing is that Cloud9 player Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov has the same rating, but played fewer maps than s1mple, for which he received second place.

The honorable third place went to the Team Vitality sniper Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaud, who is only one hundredth less. Rounding out the list are Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov (1.22) from C9 and Nikola “NiKo” Kovacs (1.2) from G2 Esports.

S1mple was also the best defensive player with 1.34 in 107 maps played, while sh1ro was the best offensive player (1.22 in 78 cards played).

G2 have the best defense but the worst loss

G2 Esports have the highest percentage of wins on the defensive side. The European team won 60.4% of rounds on defense in exactly one hundred maps played. FaZe Clan and Cloud9 rounded out the top three with 59.9% for 122 maps and 58.6% for 51 maps, respectively. The remaining places went to Natus Vincere (58% for 107 maps) and Astralis (57.4% for 60 maps).

G2 took one more lead, but in a less pleasant category. The team became a winner in the list of the most annoying defeats on the scene (the favorite lost to an outsider). G2 lost to GamerLegion at the RMR tournament for IEM Rio Major 2022, when the difference between their positions in the world ranking was 55. It was precisely because of this loss that G2 missed the Major in Rio.

In second place is the game of Natus Vincere against Endpoint (0:2) in the ESL Pro League Season 16 with a difference of 36 positions in the world rankings. NaVi placed also in the fifth place with the BLAST Spring Final 2022 defeat from OG (1:2), where the Ukrainian team eventually became the champion. The distance between the teams was 22 places.

In third place is the meeting of Astralis against HEET (1:2) at EPL S16 with a difference of 28 positions, and in fourth place is the memorable fiasco of the best team of the world at that time — FaZe Clan — against the Kosovars from Bad News Eagles (1:2) at IEM Rio Major 2022 (difference 22 places).

Cloud9 – best attack and best comeback

Cloud9 was the best in attack with 49.8%, but this place seems a bit unfair as the team only played 51 games, while NAVI is 0.2% under but has played more than twice as many games (107).

In third place is MOUZ with 48.7% for 66 maps, followed by FaZe Clan with 46.5% for 122 maps. Close the top G2 Esports with 47.2% per 100 maps played.