How to Play Clove in Valorant: BEGINNER Guide

Clove is the game’s twenty-fifth playable character – and it just made Valorant’s Agent roster even bigger. This Scottish-born... Stalingrad | 3. April 2024

Clove is the game’s twenty-fifth playable character – and it just made Valorant’s Agent roster even bigger. This Scottish-born Controller takes a different approach to the role with a playstyle built around close combat and risk-taking. Want to know Clove’s powers and strategies better? this is the guide for you.

Clove’s Aggressive Playstyle


Unlike most Controllers who excel at locking down areas and providing defensive utility, Clove is designed for players who prefer an aggressive, frontline approach. With a kit that includes the ability to boost health, come back to life, and even take action after death, Clove offers a whole new gaming experience.

Mastering Clove’s Skills


Before diving into the strategies and tactics, let’s first familiarize ourselves with Clove’s unique ability set:

Ruse (Smoke Grenades)


Similar to Brimstone’s Smoke Strike, Ruse allows Clove to deploy smoke grenades by opening a mini-map and positioning them where desired. Remarkably, even after being eliminated, Clove can still influence the round by positioning smokes from beyond the grave. Just be cautious of your positioning, as your range for placing smokes is limited to an area around your body.


Troublemaker (Decay Orb)


Troublemaker is Clove’s signature ability, allowing them to break through enemy lines with ease. When the orb explodes, all enemies hit receive a temporary 90 HP decay effect. Use this ability strategically at the beginning or middle of a round to gain a significant advantage in gunfights.


Pick Me Up (Health Boost)


After securing an elimination or assist, Clove can activate Pick Me Up, granting them a temporary health boost and speed increase. This ability encourages an aggressive playstyle, as staying hidden in the back negates its benefits.

Not Dead Yet (Ultimate)


Clove’s ultimate ability, Not Dead Yet, is a game-changer. Upon activation, Clove becomes intangible for a few seconds, allowing them to reposition before being resurrected. However, to stay alive, they must secure a kill or receive assistance within a short timeframe.

Strategies and Tactics

Aggressive Play


As an aggressive Controller, Clove excels at leading the charge and creating space for their team. On attack, use Meddle and Ruse to clear sightlines and create openings. On defense, catch opponents in Meddle, allowing your team to finish them off easily.

Positioning and Timing


Positioning and timing are crucial when using Pick Me Up and Not Dead Yet. Use Pick Me Up immediately if in a fight but wait until the last moment if there’s no one in front of you to maximize its effectiveness. For Not Dead Yet, communicate with your team to ensure they can protect you during the intangible phase and provide an easy kill to stay alive.

Post-Plant and Retake Situations


Clove’s ability to deploy smokes even after death makes them invaluable during post-plant and retake situations. Coordinate with your team to provide cover and create opportunities for defusing or denying the Spike plant.

Combos and Synergies


Clove’s abilities can be potent when combined with other Agents’ utilities. For example, use Meddle in conjunction with Sage’s Slow Orb or Raze’s Grenades to cripple and finish off opponents more effectively.



Clove’s unique playstyle and ability set offer a fresh perspective on the Controller role in Valorant. Learn their techniques, positioning, and timing to dominate the battlefield. Take chances, risk your life, and unleash Clove’s game-changing abilities to unleash your aggression.