How to Do the Griddy in EA Sports FC 24

Start your gaming sessions with a splash by learning how to Griddy in EA Sports FC 24! This guide... Aleksandar | 6. February 2024

Start your gaming sessions with a splash by learning how to Griddy in EA Sports FC 24! This guide is your ticket to mastering the Griddy, the coolest dance on the virtual pitch. 

Simple steps for every gamer are right here, whether you’re on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch. Get set to crank up the fun after every goal and make your celebrations the talk of the game. Let’s dive in and get those victory dances ready – no sweat, just pure fun!

What Is the Griddy?

The Griddy is a trendy dance move that’s all about celebration and style. It starts with a lively skip forward, where you tap your feet to the rhythm, followed by a swing of your arms back and forth. 

The cool part comes when you lift your hands, mimicking goggles over your eyes, adding that signature flair. Born from the creativity of Allen Davis, a high school footballer, the Griddy quickly became a viral hit in sports and social media. 

Now, EA Sports FC 24 invites you to join the trend. By learning how to Griddy in the game, you’re not just celebrating a goal but joining a dance craze that’s captivated athletes and gamers alike!

Step-by-step: How to Griddy in EA Sports FC 24

Ready to celebrate your goals with some style? This step-by-step guide will effortlessly teach you how to Griddy in EA Sports FC 24, ensuring you shine on the field, no matter your gaming platform!

PlayStation Instructions

On your PlayStation, it’s all about timing and button precision. After scoring, hold down R2. While keeping it held, give the right analog stick a quick double flick upwards. 

That’s your ticket to performing the Griddy. Just remember, press and flick smoothly to avoid mixing it up with other celebrations.

Xbox Instructions

Xbox gamers, your Griddy moment is just a combo away! Right after your goal, grasp RT firmly. Then, press the right analog stick upwards twice swiftly. 

The key here is consistency in your flicks – make them quick and make them count. Get this right, and you’ll be Griddy-ing in style!

PC Instructions

PC players, you’re in for a treat! Post-goal, hold down the D key. Then, simultaneously press the right and left arrows. 

It’s a dance with your fingers, and when done right, your on-screen avatar celebrates with the Griddy. Precision is your best friend here, so keep those key presses sharp!

Nintendo Switch Instructions

Switch enthusiasts, get ready! After you net that goal, press and hold ZR. Follow this by flicking the right analog stick up twice. It’s about smooth movements and timely execution. 

Nail this sequence, and watch as your player breaks into the Griddy, bringing that celebratory vibe right into your game!

Tips to Ensure Successful Execution of the Griddy

The secret to nailing how to Griddy in EA Sports FC 24 lies in practice and timing. Each platform has its unique combo, but the essence remains the same – fluidity and precision. 

So, rehearse those button sequences, feel the rhythm, and soon, you’ll be Griddy-ing like a pro after every goal!

Celebrations and Sportsmanship

Celebrating your goals adds fun and flair to EA Sports FC 24, but remember, it’s all about sportsmanship! Keep it cool and respect your opponents while you enjoy your moment. 

Besides the Griddy, you can also rock celebrations such as Ronaldo’s Suii or Messi’s iconic pose. So, celebrate with style, but stay classy on the virtual pitch!

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on how to Griddy in EA Sports FC 24! Dive into the game and celebrate your goals with this fun dance, but always keep the good vibes rolling by respecting your fellow players. 

Whether you’re on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch, the steps are easy and ready for you. So, gear up, score those goals, and join the gaming community in spreading joy with every Griddy you nail!