Guide to completing Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, Carlos Vela’s Player Moments SBC is now available. In addition, EA Sports allows players... Maria | 10. February 2023

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, Carlos Vela’s Player Moments SBC is now available. In addition, EA Sports allows players to improve their squads with another MLS-exclusive card. This Squad Building Challenge became available on February 9 after a leak indicated it would be available on February 8. Players must complete the tasks included in this challenge to get a special card and extra packs in the game.

Read on to learn about Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC in FIFA 23. From the tasks to calculating how many coins are required to acquire the necessary fodder for the challenge.

All about Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC in FIFA 23

With only two tasks included in the Carlos Vela SBC Player Moments, EA Sports has kept things relatively simple. Each of the tasks has prerequisites that must be completed. However, the tasks assigned to this challenge are not very demanding, so players won’t have much trouble completing them.

Carlos Vela Player Moments SBC task list in FIFA 23

Task 1 – Top Form

  • IF players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 82
  • # of players in the squad: 11

Task 2 – 83-Rated Squad

  • Squad rating: Min 83
  • # of players in the squad: 11

Cost of the challenge

Regarding particular challenges, the SBC Moments of player Carlos Vela is arguably one of the most straightforward additions to be introduced in FIFA 23. The cost to complete it will be around 40,000 FUT Coins, making it a reasonably affordable option in terms of fodder. Players can also save additional money for alternative uses by using fodder from their collection to further reduce the cost.

Players can use the weekly rewards in the SBC Player Carlos Vela Moments SBC starting yesterday, February 9, and while it is active for one week. The single card can be obtained for less money by using some eligible forages from these bonuses. In addition, players can save coins by using this technique, which will also increase the value of the reward.

Carlos Vela Statistics SBC Player Moments

After completing the challenge, all FIFA 23 players can access the Player Moments version of Carlos Vela. This particular card is dedicated to one of the highlights of the Mexican footballer’s career. The Mexican footballer has relaunched his career in the MLS. As a result, he naturally has a good overall rating and a few intriguing bonuses.

  • Overall: 88
  • Pace: 92
  • Shooting: 86
  • Passing: 85
  • Dribbling 91
  • Defense: 37
  • Physicality: 75

The card has a base position of LW, but with the application of a position modification, you can also play as a CAM or forward. This position has some restrictions, such as its Weak Foot rating of three stars. Also, its passing and shooting stats are upgradeable.

Using appropriate chemistry styles in FIFA 23 can solve these problems. Player Carlos Vela’s SBC Moments is relatively inexpensive, and its modest completion cost outweighs its drawbacks.

As for unique card rewards for particular challenges, 2023 has been a busy time for players. However, thanks to these inclusions, a significant portion of the community can now regularly upgrade their squads without having to shell out big bucks on the FUT market.

With the Carlos Vela Moments SBC, there is no need to rely on luck when opening packs and players can decide if the card’s benefits are worth the investment.

Header: EA Sports