How to deal with Faceless Void in Dota 2

In Dota 2, Faceless Void is considered to be one of the most powerful carry heroes after the 30-minute... Radu M. | 4. August 2023

In Dota 2, Faceless Void is considered to be one of the most powerful carry heroes after the 30-minute mark.

The later the game goes, the higher the odds of winning for the team that has a Faceless Void. That’s because the hero can kill one or even two targets in his Chronosphere, thus turning the fight into a 4v5 almost immediately.

Apart from his ability to lock targets in place and prevent them from doing anything for around 4 seconds, Faceless Void will also stun heroes repeatedly with his Time Lock. This passive ability procs 24% of the time, which means that it will proc, on average, every 1.5s – 2s in a late game scenario thanks to Void’s attack speed.

When it procs, the target is stunned for 0.5s, which basically means that targets have around 1 second of free time between Void’s stuns. That makes fighting a void extremely challenging and only heroes like Ursa, Troll Warlord and a few others can actually do it. Other carry heroes need to use alternative methods for killing Void.

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How to play against Faceless Void

Playing against a Faceless Void requires you to face a simple fact: if the game goes too late and you don’t have a big networth advantage, it will be very hard to win. The ideal thing to do against a Void is to put a lot of early game pressure on him. Ruin his farm, destroy his safe lane tier 1 tower, ward and invade his jungle.

If you maintain an advanced offensive and constantly take objectives on the map, a Void lineup will collapse. Teams that rely on this hero to do the damage will be disappointed for the first 15-20 minutes. That’s your window, so use it wisely. The game should be over by the 30 or 35-minute mark.

The worst mistake to make against a Void is to just passively farm while he also farms. Even if he’s thousands of gold behind, the fact that he can initiate with his Chronosphere and nullify incoming damage with his Time Walk makes him a lot more powerful than his networth indicates.

If the game has reached an advanced stage, the only defense is to have an Aeon Disk and lots of evasion. Armor also helps but not as much because you’ll get perma-stunned.

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