How Do Pro Players Practice Their Aim In Valorant

If you’re looking to level up your VALORANT game, improving your aim should be at the top of your... Stalingrad | 31. March 2024

If you’re looking to level up your VALORANT game, improving your aim should be at the top of your training regimen. While abilities and strategy are key components, the ability to hit razor-sharp shots is ultimately what separates the greats from the rest.

As student players from around the world set their sights on glory at the upcoming Red Bull Campus Clutch World Final, now is the perfect time to master this crucial skill. We’ve gathered 7 essential tips straight from the pros to help transform you into a headshot machine.

Perfect Your Crosshair Placement


Crosshair placement is hands down the most vital aspect of dialing in your aim. Keep your crosshair centered at head level as you peek angles and push through sites. This minimizes the distance you need to correct when an enemy appears. It’s a tough habit to build, but making this adjustment will rapidly elevate your game.

Hit the Range


They say practice makes perfect – the old adage rings true for aim training. Before queueing up, drop into VALORANT’s firing range to warm up your flicks, tracking, and get a feel for the weapons. Don’t neglect the new Team Deathmatch mode either, which provides a constant flow of engagements to sharpen your skills.

Plant Your Feet


Unlike run-and-gun shooters, VALORANT demands patience and precision. Don’t try sprinting and hip firing – your bullets will spray wildly. Play the angles slowly, stop moving completely, and guarantee those one-tap headshots. 

Customize Your Crosshair


Finding the perfect crosshair is an underrated key to success. Reduce clutter, tweak the color for visibility, and keep it simple and static. A clean, easily visible crosshair anchors your aim and boosts consistency.

Hipfire in Close Quarters


While aimed shots are more accurate at range, don’t scope in when enemies are point-blank. Hip Firing gives you a wider field of view and higher fire rate in tight quarters.

Sensitivity Matters


VALORANT demands precision over frantic movements, so lower sensitivities tend to reign supreme here. Pros often use 400-800 DPI matched with low in-game sens. Find your sweet spot and a mouse tailored for precision aiming.

Use Aim Trainers


If you’re new to FPS games on PC, third-party aim trainers like Aim Lab can rapidly build your mouse skills. These programs provide focused drills for tracking, flicking, target swaps and more VALORANT fundamentals.

Aim Like the Pros with TenZ’s Personal Regimen


To take your training to the next level, follow the VALORANT aim routine used by none other than Sentinel gaming icon TenZ. The FPS phenom has compiled his own personal playlist of custom scenarios on Aim Lab designed to sharpen every aspect of your gunplay.

The playlist flows through a comprehensive set of tasks that translates seamlessly to VALORANT’s gameplay:

  • Strafetrack: Master tracking moving targets, a critical skill for holding angles against pushes.
  • Motiontrack: Combo tracking with flicks as you snap between targets mimicking hectic engagements.  
  • Spidershot 180: Sharpening your reflexes for rapid 180 degree target swaps against flanks and multiangles.
  • Multishot: Managing chaotic multiple target scenarios under pressure.
  • Motionshots: Focused flick shot drills, first emphasizing speed then scaling up the precision factor.
  • Audio Detection: Training audio cue reactions, vital for pinpointing footsteps and wallbangs.

By mastering these drills, you’ll forge the pinpoint precision, lightning reflexes, and well-rounded skills to thrive in VALORANT’s fast-paced gunfights.

Building Your Custom Routine


While TenZ’s regimen is a pro-approved launching pad, optimizing your own personal warmup routine is key. Identify which skills need more work by breaking down your gameplay – if you’re struggling with microflicks at mid-range, cycle in extra reps of precision flick tasks.

Establishing a consistent 30-60 minute pre-game ritual will encode those muscle memories. Mix ratios of the aim trainer tasks with VALORANT’s practice maps, move through different weapons and movement drills, and develop a routine that keeps you focused yet engaged.

The path to excellence requires patience and persistence – you won’t download aimbot-like skills overnight. Stick with your routine, track your progress over weeks and months, and enjoy the process of continual self-improvement.

Hitting crisp shots and dominating duels is wildly satisfying, after all. With these training tips in your arsenal and TenZ himself as your virtual coach, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an unstoppable VALORANT aimbot terror.

Stay dialed in, keep tracking those headshot playlists, and very soon the enemy team will be the ones getting sent to spectate early. Build that muscle memory methodically, and soon enough razor-edge aiming will become second nature.