HONORIS esports org shuts down

Just because two legends and great connoisseurs of the esports scene organized and found a team doesn’t mean it... Eduardo | 29. March 2023

Just because two legends and great connoisseurs of the esports scene organized and found a team doesn’t mean it will be a guaranteed success. Unfortunately, we are experiencing this with HONORIS, a Polish esports organization created by two retired Valve shooter superstars, Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas and Filip “NEO” Kubski, which has announced its definitive closure.

Many organizations created in recent years by gamers tend to possible failure due to financial issues. In addition, it is very common to see new organizations announce their closure due to a lack of sponsors.

TaZ and NEO announce the closure of HONORIS

A few hours ago, HONORIS, the organization of Counter-Strike legends NEO and TaZ, published a statement in the Polish language, where they announced their definitive closure.

In the statement, NEO and TaZ detail why they ended their esports project. However, they detail that the main problem has been the lack of funding from sponsors, which makes it impossible to keep the organization afloat.

According to the press release and the translation (as in Polish), TaZ explains that every team member, from the management staff and players to the psychologists, must have a salary, which is obvious for being a professional organization. In addition, he also points out that the organization did not have the financial resources to stay afloat for the next few seasons, leading to the decision to end HONORIS.

Finally, the Polish star details that he and NEO had to maintain the organization with money out of pocket, but now that is no longer possible.


TaZ and NEO founded HONORIS in April 2020, aiming to give a development space to young players, especially Polish, in their early days as professionals in CS:GO. Remember that TaZ and NEO have been partners for many years, even since the Counter-Strike 1.6 era.

The beginnings of both players in the professional scene of Valve’s shooter date back to 2000 when CS 1.6 was in full swing. From that moment on, both players were a fundamental part of the history of Valve’s shooter. Then, they leaped CS:GO at its launch in 2012 and were part of great teams like Virtus.pro, FaZe Clan and Team Kinguin.

Returning to HONORIS, during the three years the organization was up and running, they participated in numerous CS:GO tournaments in Poland and internationally. In fact, the team came very close to qualifying for IEM Dallas 2023. However, HONORIS fell to Monte Esports in Round 3 of European Open Qualifier #2.

Future of NEO and TaZ

The future is uncertain for this pair of Polish Counter-Strike legends. Many players, fans and personalities from the CS:GO scene have asked what the future holds for them on social media. However, TaZ stresses that they want to take a few days off to rest and come back with plans for the future.

Whatever it is, we look forward to seeing this pair of gaming legends back with us very shortly. Finally, we wish Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas and Filip “NEO” Kubski the best of success in all their future projects.

Header: Bartek Wolinski | Red Bull Content Pool