HisWattson points out an undetectable rat spot on Broken Moon

Professional players of any esports do not only stand out for having a good performance in the official games... Eduardo | 4. January 2023

Professional players of any esports do not only stand out for having a good performance in the official games of their teams in tournaments. Many try to make the most of every situation that can give them the advantage to achieve victories.

Well, that is the case of HisWattson, the professional Apex Legends player who plays under the FURIA Esports banner. Undoubtedly, this player is one of the best in the competitive scene of Apex and not only in official tournaments but also in each of the lobbies when he streams.

HisWattson shares his knowledge with fans

Like many pros in Esports, HisWattson excels at sharing tips and tricks with fans who follow him on his social networks or through Twitch streams. The latest trick he shared was a “rat spot” on the Broken Moon map.

The rat spots are those places where the players can hide quietly while waiting for their rivals to be eliminated. This undoubtedly increases the chances of gaining more points in the ranking and winning some games.

This rat spot is broken in the game because it is located under a bridge, as shown by HisWattson in his video. This means it is out of sight and can be immune to recognition legends like Seer.

In addition to this, this location has a current that protects players from falling off the map. At this point, players can take advantage of it to float under the bridge for an indefinite time.

Many fans appreciate this trick by HisWattson, while others are not happy about it, as it would significantly affect the development of the games.

Is it the most potent rat spot in the game?

We can say that this is the most potent rat spot in the game after the last seasons, so the developers will likely patch it at any moment, especially when the players start using it for fun.

This has not happened yet, so you can take advantage of this HisWattson’s trick while it is still available. There is no doubt that if you are the type of player who likes to take advantage of every stash to win games, you should use this location.

There is no doubt that you will unleash tremendous rejection on many opponents in the process. But if the MVP of the ALGS Championship does it and shares it with his fans, there is no doubt that any other player can use it.

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