G2 crush MAD Lions to qualify for LEC Winter Split 2023 semifinals

The second series on Monday of the LEC Winter Split 2023 was thrashing by G2 Esports over MAD Lions.... Eduardo | 14. February 2023

The second series on Monday of the LEC Winter Split 2023 was thrashing by G2 Esports over MAD Lions.

In Group B, MAD Lions was wholly crushed by the Samurai, who showed a ruthless game. It was a clash of completely different styles, where G2 could pull out all the stops and, with a downright aggressive style, managed to take a crushing victory.

With this victory, G2 Esports secures their place in the semifinal phase of this LEC Winter Split 2023 and will face the powerful Spanish team, KOI, next Monday for a place in the coveted final.

G2 crushes MAD Lions in every sense of the word

It was the first map, and the balance was already ultimately on the side of G2 Esports. As we mentioned, it was an accurate match between two teams with completely different styles. However, the aggressiveness demonstrated by G2 Esports came to the fore again on stage. As a result, Steven “Hans Sama” Liv and Martin “Yike” Sundelin, with Draven and Lillia, respectively, took the first match of the series without much trouble.

There is no doubt that this is already very common in the matches of this new lineup of G2 Esports. This team takes advantage of every early advantage that their rivals can leave to make them pay a lot of money. In addition, this G2 victory by beating MAD Lions in the first map returns the favor concerning the last game of the regular phase.

While G2’s execution wasn’t flawless, MAD Lions couldn’t capitalize on their successes and win the first map of the series despite their best efforts. With an unplayable composition for the team led by Elyoya, the Samurai defeated MAD Lions.

Second map

On the second map, Samurai continued their aggressive and dominant style, which has characterized this new lineup in recent seasons. In addition, G2 could replicate the first map’s excellent performance with Hans Sama’s Draven, and MAD Lions paid for this exceptionally dearly. The French shooter was again left wholly free and had an exemplary performance for the second map in a row.

MAD Lions does not celebrate this time, as it happened in the last game of the regular phase of the LEC Winter Split a few days ago. However, with this triumph, G2 wins Group B and advances to the Upper Bracket Final versus KOI on Monday.

On the other hand, MAD Lions still has life in the tournament, as they will play for the ticket to the finals of this tournament against the winner between Astralis and Team BDS next weekend.

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