Fragster reveals new Dota 2 team

It’s time for a big announcement! We are happy to reveal the new Fragster Dota 2 roster that will... Fragster | 27. July 2022

It’s time for a big announcement! We are happy to reveal the new Fragster Dota 2 roster that will compete in the next season of the ESL Meisterschaft Division 1. Today we introduce you to our Dota 2 guys!

Fragster houses teams in multiple major esports titles. Our CS:GO team competes in the 3rd division of the ESL Meisterschaft, in VALORANT we have our Project V team and our League of Legends team played recently in the 3rd division of the Prime League. However, one important esports title was missing and that changes now!

Fragster x Dota 2

Our new Dota 2 team consists of the former German roster Hundehütte and is the only pure DACH team in the ESL championship. Our guys have known each other for a long time from playing in the ACL (Dota Solo Player Ladder). The project started out as more of a fun project, but it was quickly recognized that there was potential to make it far in the ESL Meisterschaft.

Meet Fragster Dota 2 guys


TheBloodySky is a former Team Ivy player who has had a number of accomplishments, including winning the ESL Meisterschaft twice. He is a well-known face in the Dota 2 scene, as he has already competed in the upper division of DPC NA and has earned notable cash prizes here.

TheBloodySky Fragster


Hawk is a former ESG.Gaming player, who has already completed numerous ESL Meisterschaft seasons and has already gained some playoff experience. As a position 1 player, he will take on the role of a carry for Fragster.

Hawk Fragster


y50 too has played for teams like ESG.Gaming and Team IVY in the past. He has countless ESL Meisterschaft gmatches under his belt and is definitely no stranger to the playoffs. As the fifth position player, y50 takes on the role of main support and will support Hawk on the safe lane and watch his back.

Y50 Fragster


Nande is a top 100 player and an absolute talent. In addition to the ESL Meisterschaft, he has already attended countless major qualifiers and is reaching for the stars. A player to watch out for in international business!

Mande Fragster


Irie calls himself the Dota Boomer because he’s been around forever and has played countless ESL Meisterschaft tournaments. Actually, he had already laid down mouse and keyboard and ended his career, but now he’s coming back from retirement, and wants to do it again under Team Fragster!

“We are already looking forward to playing under Fragster in the coming season and we will definitely do everything we can to meet our high standards. The season will definitely be exciting and we want to prevail over the strong competition.”

Irie Fragster

The next ESL Meisterschaft Season starts tomorrow, July 27. Our boys’ first game against eSport Rhein-Neckar is scheduled for July 28 at 9 pm CEST. Of course, we wish them all the best and a successful first season in the Fragster jersey!