FC 24 Golazo: A Celebration of Football Legends

FC 24 Golazo is the latest update in the EA Sports FC soccer game, inviting players to step back... Aleksandar | 31. March 2024

FC 24 Golazo is the latest update in the EA Sports FC soccer game, inviting players to step back in time to relive the glory of football’s past. This campaign stands out because it shines a spotlight on legendary moments and the heroes behind them, leaving the current stars off the pitch.

With FC 24 Golazo, gamers get a unique chance to play with iconic figures from football history. This update brings those memories from the stands into your hands, offering a game filled with heroes and their unforgettable goals.

Unlike other updates, this one focuses entirely on celebrating those who made the game what it is today without including today’s players.

What Is FC 24 Golazo?

FC 24 Golazo is a new part of EA Sports FC 24 that brings players closer to football legends and their unforgettable moments. This campaign focuses on bringing back the stars of the past, known as Icons and Heroes, without including players who are still active in the game today. 

The main idea behind FC 24 Golazo is to let gamers experience the thrill of playing as their favorite football legends, reenacting the goals and celebrations that made history.

Imagine scoring a goal with Johan Cruyff or reliving a world-class play by Cafu – this is what FC 24 Golazo offers. It’s like opening a book of football history and jumping into the pages to live out the best parts.

By concentrating on these memorable players and moments, the campaign creates a bridge between past and present fans, celebrating the beauty and excitement of football through the ages.

The Stars of FC 24 Golazo

The Stars of FC 24 Golazo Part 1

In FC 24 Golazo, players from Team 1 come alive in the game, each with their stories of glory and success on the football field. Here’s a closer look at these legends:

  1. Johan Cruyff (97 OVR) – A name synonymous with brilliance on the football pitch, Cruyff’s skills are unmatched. His rating reflects his legendary status, showcasing his ability to change the game with his pace, dribbling, and unmatched football intelligence.
  2. Bobby Charlton (94 OVR) – As a powerhouse in the midfield, Charlton’s contributions to football are monumental. His high rating is a nod to his versatile play, capable of both defending and scoring with ease.
  3. Cafu (94 OVR) – Known for his lightning-fast runs down the flank, Cafu redefines the role of a defender. His rating captures his exceptional defensive skills and his ability to contribute to the attack.
  4. Birgit Prinz (94 OVR) – Prinz’s presence on the field is a testament to her striking capabilities and leadership. Her rating speaks to her exceptional talent in finding the back of the net and leading her team to victory.
  5. Xabi Alonso (93 OVR) – Alonso, a master of the midfield, controls the game with his precise passing and strategic play. His high rating reflects his role as the backbone of his teams.
  6. Ashley Cole (92 OVR) – Cole’s defensive prowess and ability to join the attack make him a dual threat. His rating is a tribute to his consistency and skill as a defender.
  7. Dimitar Berbatov (93 OVR for Heroes) – Berbatov’s smooth play and scoring touch are legendary. His rating showcases his role as a key striker who could change the game’s outcome with a single touch.
  8. Saeed Al Owairan (93 OVR for Heroes) – Known for his memorable World Cup goal, Al Owairan’s agility and speed are highlighted in his rating, celebrating his impact as a forward.
  9. David Ginola (92 OVR for Heroes) – Ginola, with his flair and skill on the wing, captivated fans worldwide. His rating reflects his ability to create opportunities and score goals.
  10. Jurgen Kohler (92 OVR for Heroes) – A rock in defense, Kohler’s rating underscores his defensive mastery and leadership on the field.
  11. Enzo Francescoli (91 OVR for Heroes) – Francescoli, a creative genius in midfield, is celebrated with a rating that mirrors his influence in orchestrating play and setting up goals.
  12. Clint Dempsey (89 OVR for Heroes) – Dempsey’s versatility and knack for scoring crucial goals are captured in his rating, emphasizing his role as a key attacker.
  13. Peter Crouch (88 OVR for Heroes) – Known for his height and unique skill set, Crouch’s rating highlights his aerial prowess and ability to score from anywhere in the attacking third.

These players are not just numbers and names in a game; they are the embodiment of football’s rich history, each bringing their unique style and unforgettable moments to FC 24 Golazo.

The Stars of FC 24 Golazo Part 2

The Gameplay Experience

FC 24 Golazo changes the game by adding unique objectives and focusing on special types of plays, bringing a fresh wave of excitement and challenge.

For example, unlocking the special Robin van Persie card requires players to complete specific tasks, each designed to test skill and strategic thinking.

These tasks include:

  • scoring four goals with a Power Shot,
  • hitting five volleys,
  • scoring six goals with a Finesse Shot using a Premier League player,
  • winning six matches with at least three players from the Netherlands,
  • playing eleven matches with at least three Premier League players, and
  • scoring one header.