FaZe Gets Rematch Against Team Spirit At IEM Katowice 2024 Final

The grand finale matchup of the $1,000,000 IEM Katowice 2024 event has been decided. The two finalists include the... Owen | 10. February 2024

The grand finale matchup of the $1,000,000 IEM Katowice 2024 event has been decided. The two finalists include the veterans of FaZe Clan against the new generation of Team Spirit. 

FaZe Stomp Through The Quarter And Semi Finals

The only reason why FaZe Clan had to play an extra match in the Playoffs and start in the Quarter Final is that Team Spirit handed karrigan and Co. a loss in the Group Stage Final. However, the FaZe Clan members peak in main-stage games, and more matches just meant more warm-up.

The boys in red had tough opponents, G2 Esports, for their first match in the Spodek Arena. However, thanks to peak performances from broky and frozen, the FaZe Clan got through G2 with a clean 2-0 victory. The squad did not let G2 get double digits on both maps and looked ready to win the entire tournament.

FaZe’s good form continued for their next match, where frozen got a match against his old teammates at MOUZ, who performed excellently in the opposite group, placing first and immediately qualifying for the Semi Final.

A solid overall team performance carried FaZe through their map pick of Nuke, stomping the game 13-3 with no issues. Next on the list was Ancient, the map pick of MOUZ. FaZe posted an impressive defense and won the first half 10-2 – the series looked over already.

FaZe won the second pistol round to put the score at 10-3. However, a heroic play from Jimpphat helped MOUZ string seven rounds in a row to make the game close. The map required all 26 rounds, but FaZe eventually finished the job, winning 13-11. Too close for comfort. With this victory, FaZe took the first spot in the Grand Final.


Two years ago, the organization won the 2022 iteration of IEM Katowice without rain, who had to sit on the sidelines. This time, the big-game player is back on the roster. FaZe’s new coach, Polish legend NEO, would also love to lift the trophy in front of his home crowd.

Team Spirit’s Inexperience Is A Non-Factor

IEM Katowice is the first time Team Spirit’s new roster would make their LAN debut. The Eastern European organization qualified for BLAST Premier Spring Groups three weeks ago, but two of their key members had VISA issues, and the complete roster could not play at the event. 

With no absence of players, Team Spirit could play in Poland with their full force. They demolished the Group Stage with the debut of donk, even crushing FaZe Clan on the way to the Playoffs.

Though Team Spirit clearly looked like the best team at the event, the biggest question mark was whether their young players could withstand the pressure of playing in front of a crowd, as this would be the first time they’d play on a big stage. 

Fortunately for donk fans, there was nothing to worry about. Team Spirit could dispatch Team Falcons very convincingly, sweeping the series 2-0 with map scores of 13-8 and 13-3. The uprising squad had set up a rematch against FaZe Clan in the Best of 5 Grand Final.

Who Takes The Win?

We saw Team Spirit 2-0 FaZe in the Group Stage with map scores of 13-10 and 13-5, so this won’t be the first time we see this matchup. However, FaZe is known to be a slow-starting team, eventually ramping up as the tournament gets into its deep stages. 

Team Spirit has already shown its capabilities, but most fans were unsure how they’d be affected by playing in front of thousands of fans for the first time. However, judging from the Falcons series, the crowd does not play a factor. 

If the pressure of playing in a Grand Final does not affect Team Spirit’s individuals, we will see donk lift his first trophy in Katowice. However, you can never count the experienced players from FaZe out, as matches with high stakes are where the team thrives.

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