FaZe Clan win Thunderpick World Championship

Thunderpick World Championship was a $500.000 CS2 event that featured 16 teams, many of whom are among the world’s... Radu M. | 6. November 2023

Thunderpick World Championship was a $500.000 CS2 event that featured 16 teams, many of whom are among the world’s best.

With competitors like MOUZ, BIG, Heroic, Complexity, Monte, Virtus.pro, Cloud9, NiP, and Fnatic in the race, FaZe Clan’s victory is highly relevant and should be regarded as a sign that FaZe are back to full strength.

Just several weeks ago, they won IEM Sydney. Now they’ve obtained another excellent result. If they continue like this and the organization doesn’t crumble under the pressure of its financial problems, we might see another FaZe Clan era, similar to the one from 2022.

Karrigan and his crew appear to be enjoying the new game, or at least they’re better than others at adapting to its many flaws. We know ropz’s opinion from his tweets, and Twistzz told us in an interview ahead of EPL’s playoffs that he regards CS2 as being unfinished and quite broken at the moment. Nonetheless, his performance in the last month has been phenomenal.

FaZe Clan’s road to victory

FaZe started Thunderpick World Championship in group B, where they only had one strong opponent to defeat: Monte. Other than that, there was nothing that could stop FaZe from winning.

In the match against Monte, FaZe ended up winning quite easily. The only scary moment came on the T side of Mirage. After winning the CT side 12-0, FaZe lost 9 consecutive rounds and started to tremble. But in the end, they got that round win they needed and won 13-9. On Nuke, the first half was balanced (6-6) but the second half was easy for FaZe (7-2).

In the playoffs, FaZe had to win three consecutive matches to claim the trophy, and all of them were against tough opponents.

The first one was MOUZ, who ended up winning the first map. But in the end, carried by broky and Twistzz, FaZe won: 5-13 on Vertigo, 13-8 on Nuke, and 13-4 on Ancient.

The next match, against Cloud9, was another challenge in which FaZe lost the first map: 13-7 on Overpass. This was a brutal defeat because of the eight consecutive round losses that came after winning the first half 7-5. In the end, the score was 2-1 thanks to a 13-8 performance on Anubis and an identical one on Ancient.

In the Grand Final, VP nearly won both maps, but ended up losing 13-10 and 19-17. The tournament ended with a very exciting battle, and FaZe Clan were the champions.

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