FaZe Clan suffer but beat MOUZ to qualify for Thunderpick WC 2023 semifinals

The emotions of the Thunderpick WC 2023 continued to run high after the first playoff matches were played. One... Eduardo | 4. November 2023

The emotions of the Thunderpick WC 2023 continued to run high after the first playoff matches were played. One of these matches was extremely balanced and close and ended with an excellent victory by FaZe Clan over MOUZ by 2-1.

Undoubtedly, this match was the most evenly matched of the early playoffs. However, it was just as we expected. MOUZ has shown impressive quality in recent months, while FaZe Clan are coming off the back of winning the IEM Sydney 2023, so there was confidence and determination.

With this victory, FaZe will face Cloud9 in the tournament’s semifinals, which will be played in the coming hours.

Let’s see what happened in the match between FaZe Clan and MOUZ in the Thunderpick World Championship 2023 quarterfinals.

FaZe Clan apply a reverse sweep to beat MOUZ

Undoubtedly, we were expecting an intense and exciting match, and we got it. The MOUZ guys started on the right foot in this series by winning the first map. However, FaZe, led by Helvijs “broky” Saukants and Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken, turned the situation around to win maps 2 and 3 to complete an excellent reverse sweep.

The series took place on Vertigo, Nuke, and Ancient.


It all started in Vertigo, MOUZ’s map pick, where FaZe Clan was completely overshadowed mainly by the fierce offensive of their rivals.

In the first half, MOUZ, in their T Side and commanded by David “frozen” Čerňanský, managed to take a crushing partial victory with a score of 10-2. There is no doubt that this score is complicated to come back from, and so it was, since, after 6 rounds (3-3) at the change of sides, MOUZ managed to seal his victory by 13-5.


The teams then moved to Nuke, FaZe Clan’s map pick, where they began a spectacular comeback by broky and Håvard “rain” Nygaard.

In the first half, with FaZe on their T Side, they achieved an excellent partial victory by 9-3, something that gave them, in addition to confidence, a clear advantage over their rivals in the closing of the map. Then, at the change of sides, MOUZ tried to react by winning 5 rounds, but this was not enough, and they ended up falling by 8-13.


Finally, the teams came to Ancient, the Decider Match of this series, where we again enjoyed a CS2 lecture by FaZe on his T Side.

Twistzz and broky led FaZe to an extraordinary 8-4 partial victory in the first half. However, the best was yet to come as, at the change of sides, with 5 solid rounds on their CT Side, FaZe Clan pulled off the 13-4 victory to complete the reverse sweep and seal their ticket to the tournament semifinals.

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