Everything you need to know about the CDL 2023 Stage 3 Major

After some intense and exciting online qualifiers for the CDL Major Stage 3, the Call of Duty competitive scene... Eduardo | 8. March 2023

After some intense and exciting online qualifiers for the CDL Major Stage 3, the Call of Duty competitive scene is heading to its next Major, which will be held in Arlington, Texas, starting next March 9 and culminating on March 12.

Remember that this will be the last Major we can enjoy with a live audience until the end of May since the CDL did not find a venue to organize Major IV. So now, in this Major III organized by OpTic Texas, we will have a mind-blowing prize pool of $500,000, and also, the team that takes the victory can completely change the landscape of the overall ranking of the CDL.

Call of Duty League 2023 Major III

The third Call of Duty League Major III event of the 2023 season will be hosted by OpTic Texas. This event will be played at Esports Stadium Arlington for four days of Modern Warfare 2 action.

There is no doubt that there is a lot at stake in this new Major III, and after watching the online qualifiers, we can be sure that several teams have a chance to win it all. We cannot deny that Atlanta FaZe is the favorite team to take the crown in this CDL 2023 Major Stage 3. However, teams like Toronto Ultra and New York Subliners can give a blow on the table to take the victory.

On the first day of this Major, we will have very intense matches, and there is no doubt that all of them will be of the highest level.

As we can see, we will have the following matches to start this CDL Major III in the Winners Bracket:

  • Seattle Surge vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas – March 9 at 21:00 CET
  • Atlanta FaZe vs. LA Thieves – (Major II Champions vs. CDL 2023 Champions) – March 10 at 00:00 CET
  • Boston Breach vs. OpTic Texas – March 9 at 22:30 CET
  • Toronto Ultra vs. New York Subliners – March 9 at 19:30 CET

Atlanta FaZe vs. LA Thieves is shaping to be the most attractive match of this opening day. However, the others cannot be ruled out, as all the teams arrive at a truly incredible level of play.

Where to watch the CDL Major III

The CDL Major Stage 3 can be enjoyed through all the official channels of the CDL on Twitch. In addition, it is also possible to follow it through the different Watch Parties that have grown in popularity in recent months.

CDL Major III Format

As in Major I and II, in Arlington, the eight teams that finished in the highest place in the online qualifiers will play their matches in the Winners Bracket. After that, the losers advance to the Elimination Brackets. While the winners continue through their respective brackets until the end of the tournament.


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Teams that lose at this stage will be eliminated from the second round and must try again in the third round.

CDL Major III Prize Pool

As in previous Majors, teams will compete for 65 CDL Points for the winner and fight for a juicy $200,000 prize pool that the champion team will pocket.

The prize pool will be distributed as follows:

  • First place: $200,000
  • Second place: $120,000
  • Third place: $80,000
  • Fourth place: $40,000
  • Fifth and sixth place: $20,000
  • Seventh and eighth place: $10,000

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