Everything you need to know about Call of Duty 2024

Current speculation suggests that the Call of Duty title planned for 2024 will be a new installment in the... Fragster | 26. November 2023

Current speculation suggests that the Call of Duty title planned for 2024 will be a new installment in the Black Ops series set in the context of the Gulf War. After the first rumors emerged over the course of the year, there are increasing signs of this development.

Just one month after the release of Modern Warfare 3, information about the Call of Duty game of the year 2024 has already leaked out. The clues suggest that fans can expect a return to the Black Ops series. Despite mixed reviews of MW3’s short single-player campaign, the game managed to impress in terms of player participation and sales figures, with multiplayer in particular exceeding expectations. After several Modern Warfare spin-offs in recent years, the community is now looking to the future with excitement and hopes for fresh impetus.

Will the new CoD be just as explosive?

Release date for Call of Duty 2024

The next installment in the Call of Duty series is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2024. Traditionally, developers often release new games in this series in the fall, which leads to the conclusion that a release in October or November is likely. However, there is no definite information on this yet, so we will have to wait a little longer to find out an official release date.

Call of Duty 2024: Possible game environment

The Call of Duty title, which is planned for 2024, appears to be a return to classic military scenarios familiar to fans from previous games in the Black Ops series. The game’s storyline will be set in the context of the Gulf War, with various factions playing a role.

Leaked information on zombie mode

There are persistent rumors in the gaming community that the release year 2024 could see a comeback of the classic, turn-based zombie mode in the Call of Duty series.This game variant, which has long been particularly popular among fans, has undergone some major changes in recent versions of the game.

In addition to this speculation, further explosive details came to light through leaks in July 2022. Two early concept drawings were discovered that point to two new maps, codenamed “Stealth” and “Pillage”, which are possibly being worked on for the new game.

Available game systems

CoD 2024 will be available here:

  • Xbox consoles: including newer and older generations.
  • Xbox Game Pass: Likely to be included next year
  • PlayStation: Support ensured despite acquisition by Microsoft.
  • Nintendo: Future titles will also be released here.
  • PC: Traditionally a supported platform.

With Phil Spencer’s confirmation, gamers can expect the CoD series to continue to be playable on a wide range of consoles and PC for fans.