Dota 2 Patch 7.35d Hero Buffs

Dota 2 patch 7.35d is full of hero updates and many of them are buffs. Some heroes had to... Radu M. | 2. April 2024

Dota 2 patch 7.35d is full of hero updates and many of them are buffs. Some heroes had to be brought back from the dead because their pick rate and win rate were ridiculously low.

Here are the most important hero buffs introduced by IceFrog in this patch.

Ancient Apparition

If you enjoy playing this Dota 2 hero, you’ll be pleased to learn that his Cold Feet now costs 110 – 125 mana instead of 125 at all levels.


Batrider’s Flamebreak now deals 25 DPS at level 1 instead of 10. However, the duration of this ability was rescaled as well, from 5s to 2 – 5s.


His Inner Beast now offers 10 – 46 attack speed instead of 10 – 40.




His base agility was increased by 2 and his Thirst is now considered a form of lifesteal. This means it will be amplified by lifesteal buffs. So you can expect BS to build Sange & Yasha in your games a lot more often.

Chaos Knight

CK’s Reality Rift has a better cast range now. The ability got buffed by 50 range per level.

Chaos Strike also received a small buff. The damage multiplier for creeps is now 2x instead of 1.9x.


His Power Cogs now use 50% of the mana they burned and deal it as damage.

Dark Willow

Her Bedlam now has a Roaming duration of 5.5s instead of 5s.


Previously, his Thunder Strike applied an almost irrelevant movement and attack slow debuff that lasted just 0.1s at level 1. Now it lasts 0.4s at every level. Because of this, Disruptor can be used with greater effectiveness in the laning phase, especially when trying to get kills.

Drow Ranger

Her Multishot has a cooldown of 15s at level 4 instead of 18s. That’s a major buff that will significantly improve the hero’s farming speed. Drow was already strong but now she’s a monster from a very early level.

Earth Spirit

His Rolling Boulder now deals 60 base damage instead of 30. This means that in the first 15 minutes, he will be considerably better at killing enemy heroes.

Ember Spirit

Fire Remnant now has a better cooldown: 35s instead of 38s. This means that you can use your remnants a bit more often. Of course, you should still buy Aghanim’s Scepter. But until you have that item, this buff will surely help a lot.




The damage of his Frost Shield was rescaled from 20 – 50 to 18 – 60.

An even stronger buff was given to his ultimate, Chain Frost, which can now be cast on Ice Spire. To create this powerful spire you will need to buy Aghanim’s Shard. But once you have it, it will slow enemy heroes by 25% in a 750 radius. The ultimate will slow them by another 65% for 2.5s.

This means that you can practically cast Ice Spire next to your enemy and then cast your ultimate and the orb will bounce between the two repeatedly. This is extremely powerful and will lead to plenty of kills, especially if you use your Sinister Gaze as well to keep the target in place for 2s.

Without a BKB or a Linken’s, most heroes will die from this combination alone. This makes Lich a very powerful support. His win rate is already close to 52% while his pick rate is 9%.


This hero’s talents received important buffs. The cast range of his ultimate can now be increased by 125 instead of 100. The Aura Stack duration of Heartstopper can be increased by 3s instead of 2s. And the healing offered by Death Pulse can be increased by 50 instead of 40. All of these talents are available at levels 10 and 15.


His Swashbuckle now strikes just 3 times instead of 4 but the damage per strike has been increased from 25 – 85 to 30 – 120. So you’re dealing the same amount of damage but you no longer need to strike 4 times. You just have to hit the target 3 times.

Sand King

Sand King’s base damage was increased by 6, while his strength increase was reduced by 0.4 per level. The damage buff is enormous, but the strength debuff is substantial as well.

Shadow Fiend

The mana cost of Shadowraze is now just 75 at all levels instead of 75 – 90. This is a major buff for this hero because he doesn’t have enough mana to work with and he likes to constantly use Shadowraze.


His Glaives of Wisdom now steal 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 intelligence instead of 1 / 1 / 2 / 3. This is a major buff.


At point-blank range, his Scatterblast now applies an attack and movement slow that lasts 50% longer.

Templar Assassin

The bonus damage of her Meld was increased from 80 – 230 to 80 – 260. This is a small buff because Meld is usually maximized last. So by the time it reaches level 4, the 30 extra damage is not going to change much. TA’s win rate continues to be abysmal (~45%).


Tinker’s base armor was increased by 2 and the cast range of Defense Matrix went from 650 to 700 – 850. These are huge buffs that have the potential to increase Tinker’s pick rate and win rate.


abyssal underlord


Atrophy Aura now gives 3 – 9 bonus damage per creep instead of 2 – 8.

The Pit of Malice talent was replaced. Instead of +75 AoE, you can now buff this ability to apply a 30% slow, which is a much stronger upgrade.


His Overpower now gives 10 – 40% slow resistance instead of 15 – 30%.

Void Spirit

His damage was increased from 100 – 340 to 120 – 360.


His Germinate Attack now deals 25 – 70 damage instead of 20 – 65. It may not seem like much, but it’s actually quite a significant buff because it allows you to deal more damage in the laning phase.

Impact of the Buffs

The buffs introduced by Dota 2 patch 7.35d have already had important effects. They have shaped the meta in unsurprising ways, making heroes like Underlord, Beastmaster, and Disruptor a bit more successful.

What’s interesting to notice is that even some of the nerfed heroes have become more successful thanks to the broader changes. Let’s not forget that Dota 2 patch 7.35 changed not only many of the heroes but also dozens of items. These items affect hero builds and implicitly, hero win rates.

For a lot of players, who are probably not paying attention to the patch changes and just go on picking their favorite heroes, this patch did not result in a change in playstyle. Some heroes now have a pick rate that’s 1% better than before even though they became less appealing. Others, like TA, lost half a point despite the buffs they received.

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