Radu M. | 12. February 2021

DIGITALAX Is Bringing Fashion to Video Games

As a gamer, it’s important to feel good in your own skin. And cool looking items are an essential component of any gaming experience. Even though they don’t give you a direct advantage inside the game, they can certainly boost your morale and make you feel stronger or better equipped to deal with its challenges. And when you feel better, you play better. But now imagine this: instead of a skin designed by a workshop artist, how about a skin designed by a digital fashion designer? That’s what DIGITALAX wants to provide.


DIGITALAX is building the first digital fashion operating system, which contains very powerful functionality for digital fashion designers. This functionality allows them to take digital fashion items into gaming, VR, and other 3D content environments, while preserving their intricate details and qualities. The system is built on top of Ethereum and is capable of changing the way we experience games, at least visually.

One of the main goals of the company is to provide designers with the possibility to create true digital self-expression and unique works of art that give players a feeling of uniqueness and authenticity. Its broader goal is to build an entire ecosystem for gamers, designers, brands, and developers alike.

And the great thing about it is that it will be built for the underrated independents, for the game modders, and for niche markets in general. Through its incentives and mechanisms, DIGITALAX wants to give as many people as possible a unique experience and the chance to make a living doing what they love, whether it’s developing indie games, creating beautiful skins, or competing with friends.

What Is ESPA

DIGITALAX’s platform is called ESPA. It is the first indie / modded esports system and as I mentioned before, its objective is to create an ecosystem in which everyone can find something that suits their interests.

Players can benefit from unique skins created by fashion designers and can also earn $MONA, the platform’s token, just like the other participants (devs, designers, etc.), by simply being good at the games they play. Developers and brands can benefit from constant exposure to a relevant audience. And designers can create beautiful skins that will be bought and used by the players.

The Beta version of ESPA goes live at the end of February and promises to offer a unique experience.