Complexity qualify for IEM Sydney playoffs

The IEM Sydney 2023 Group Stage is history; all 16 teams know their tournament fate. Some said goodbye prematurely,... Eduardo | 19. October 2023

The IEM Sydney 2023 Group Stage is history; all 16 teams know their tournament fate. Some said goodbye prematurely, others gave a pleasant surprise and stayed on the road, while others managed to qualify for the next phase.

In this opportunity, we have Complexity Gaming, who won last place in the IEM Sydney playoffs after beating Monte in the Lower Bracket Final of Group B. Undoubtedly, this is a more than deserved award for the guys from COL, as they have been playing great in the last few weeks.

Equally, it is also a bit of a disappointment for Monte, as this is a resilient team that grows to get really good victories in the important games.

Let’s see what happened in the IEM Sydney 2023 Group B Lower Bracket final between COL and Monte.

Complexity Gaming apply a clean sweep against Monte to qualify for the IEM Sydney playoffs

While it’s true that we all expected COL to take the win in this match, it’s also true that we also expected Monte to put up a bit more resistance. However, the North American squad showed they are a dangerous team in this early CS2 era.

The series between COL and Monte took place at Overpass and Ancient.


It all started at Overpass, Complexity Gaming’s map pick, where we enjoyed a very intense match from start to finish.

In the first half, COL started well in their CT Side to take an excellent but tight partial victory by 7-5. This, without a doubt, left the door open for Monte to come back to the scoreboard, and they did.

Then, at the change of sides, Monte’s defense could prevent up to 7 Complexity attacks to even the score 12-12 and send the map to Overtime. Finally, Complexity could win 4 of 5 rounds in OT to take the win 16-13.


In the second map, Ancient, things were the same as in Overpass since the first 24 rounds ended with a score of 12-12, and the match had to be defined in Overtime.

In the first half, this time, Monte came out on top and pulled out all the stops to take a narrow 7-5 victory. Alexander “br0” Bro continued to show his excellent level in this first half and had 117.4 ADR and a 1.66 Rating.

However, just as it happened in Overpass, COL woke up in the second half to hit back in a big way to even the score at 12-12. Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and Ricky “floppy” Kemery were the architects of this great performance by the North American squad.

Finally, after five rounds in OT, Complexity won the second consecutive map by 16-13 to take the final playoff berth for the IEM Sydney 2023.

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