Cheaters come to CS2

It’s no secret that Counter-Strike is one of the most legendary franchises in the esports scene throughout its history.... Eduardo | 18. September 2023

It’s no secret that Counter-Strike is one of the most legendary franchises in the esports scene throughout its history. However, a big black spot always appears when everything seems to be going very well, cheaters.

Since the days of Counter-Strike 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO, and, currently, in CS2, cheaters have always been present, as these types of players are despicable and only want to ruin the gaming experience of the rest. However, with the arrival of CS2, we all expected Valve to introduce significant improvements in its anti-cheat system. Still, for now, it seems that everything continues similarly.

Moreover, considering that CS2 has not yet been officially released, the fact that several types of cheats are circulating on the Internet only makes us think that everything remains the same. On the other hand, many posts on different social networks have surfaced in the last few hours about players reporting cheaters in their games.

Some cheaters even use their main Steam accounts and broadcast their games using cheats on different streaming platforms. As a result, they are completely sure that Valve will do nothing to them for it.

Cheats in CS2 Premier Mode

While it is true that the new CS2 Premier Mode might be really interesting, exciting, and, above all, competitive, this leads to more players wanting to use cheats to ruin the experience of the rest.

We have observed different cheats in CS2, such as wallhacks, aimbots (aim hacks), and many more. Moreover, these are used by players to climb up the regional rankings in CS2 Premier Mode, so we see that Valve is practically ignoring them.

Last September 13, ThourCS posted a Tweet where he showed the CS2 Premier Mode world ranking, where several players have a 100% win rate. However, in the post, he added a video of a player named Rustic, who is in this ranking and is using wallhacks.

Below, we will show you the cheats spotted in the CS2 beta.

CS2 cheats confirmed so far

While it is true that many of the cheats we saw in CS:GO do not work in CS2, you can currently get some (despicable) players using the most popular ones.

Note: From Fragster, we make a call to NOT USE IN ANY CASE any program to have advantages in a CS2 game (cheat) because you will ruin the experience of everyone in the games.

However, in this article, we want to emphasize the cheats confirmed so far in CS2 for players to stay informed.

  • Gensense
  • Aimware: If you ever saw any player running around and killing all their HS opponents, you were looking at a player with Aimware.

  • Inuria
  • Nightfall

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