CDL Major II problems due to bad weather

As we all know, the CDL Major II 2023 kicks off this weekend, and all fans are excited to... Eduardo | 1. February 2023

As we all know, the CDL Major II 2023 kicks off this weekend, and all fans are excited to see their favorite teams and players in action. But, hours before the tournament kicks off, different problems have arisen beyond the control of the teams, players, and organizers.

The different climatic changes that the different countries of the world are suffering have damaged the day-to-day life of people, companies, and above all, the events. Now, it is the CDL Major II that has problems.

Weather problems affect teams

The severity of the weather currently in the United States and many problems regarding airline tickets could affect this weekend’s Call of Duty League Major II.

Those players whose teams are based in Texas have a lot of trouble getting out of Dallas on their way to this event in Boston, Massachusetts.

The starting lineups for OpTic Texas, New York Subliners, Seattle Surge, and Minnesota RØKKKR all had their flights delayed or canceled. As a result, their travel plans have had to be modified. On the other hand, James “Clayster” Eubanks, Las Vegas Legion player, had similar problems, but he pointed out that his luggage was left on the ground.

However, this struggle has not ended there. After changing flights, getting new tickets, and arriving at their destination, players from Texas, Seattle, and Minnesota discovered their luggage had not arrived in Boston. This forced the players to stay in the fight.

OpTic JPKrez, the OpTic Texas analyst coach, said:

“OpTic, Surge, RØKKKR, and Clay Target travel? About to show up on the main stage wearing Hulk and Iron Man t-shirts.”

On the other hand, New York Subliners player Cesar “Skyz” Bueno said:

“Holy shit man we trying to do mission impossible to get our luggage and drive to Houston for a flight in the morning now all of our luggage is going to take 24 hours to get it back from @AmericanAir can’t make this up bro and Pacos’s controller is in his luggage good lord.”

Subliners don’t make it in time for Major II

Currently, the Subliners lineup is in Texas, trying to figure out how to reach their destination. They will most likely be forced to participate in the LAN event online from their Dallas facility if the CDL allows it.

The second Call of Duty League Major is scheduled to begin tomorrow. At 12:30 pm CT, with the match between Minnesota and New York. However, both teams have been heavily affected by the travel situation. So the league may have to consider rescheduling the game or postponing it.

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