CDL Major 2: OpTic, LA Thieves and Minnesota RØKKR dominate

The Call of Duty League Major saw plenty of exciting matches so far, with OpTic Texas, Minnesota RØKKR, and... Fragster | 5. February 2023

The Call of Duty League Major saw plenty of exciting matches so far, with OpTic Texas, Minnesota RØKKR, and LA Thieves all dominating their opponents.

OpTic Texas beat Boston Breach 3-0 to qualify for the Call of Duty League Boston Major Championship. Meanwhile, Los Angeles Thieves secured their ticket to the championship with an impressive 3-0 win over Toronto Ultra, and Minnesota RØKKR secured their place in the finals with a resounding 3-0 win over OpTic Texas.

Boston Breach vs. OpTic Texas

The match started on Hydro Hardpoint and Boston Breach took a 245-211 lead towards the end of the map. OpTic Texas’ Dashy played perfectly to avert a loss, making two of the game’s most important kills to keep Boston out and allow reinforcements to arrive. Texas took a 1-0 lead. Despite the painful defeat on the first map, Boston were at their best on Fortress Search and Destroy. It was back and forth for a while before OpTic Texas finally took over control.

OpTic used the momentum in the first round of the third map — El Asilo Control. Texas started offensively, being 16:5 behind in the round. OpTic managed a clean four down and the point to win, giving them a big lead on the map. While Boston managed to win the next round to level control at 1-1, OpTic won the next two rounds and secured the map.

LA Thieves vs. Toronto Ultra

Things are going like clockwork for the Los Angeles Thieves, who have now won three straight games 3-0. On the first map in the series — Mercado Hardpoint — Toronto Ultra paled in comparison to the team that fired on all guns and then eventually managed a 250-165 win. Then it was off to Hotel Search and Destroy. There, Drazah and Octane combined for 18 kills in the Thieves’ 6-2 win.

Drazah himself posted a 12-2 record and dominated Toronto across the map. The series stayed with Hotel, this time on Control for the third map. The Los Angeles Thieves have been crushing every team they’ve faced lately – and this third game was no different as they won the map and the game with flying colors.

Minnesota RØKKR vs. OpTic Texas

The game started on Hotel Hardpoint, with both teams fighting for their position. Early on on the map, Minnesota overtook OpTic Texas, but ultimately, the RØKKR broke away with a 250-189 win to give Minnesota a 1-0 lead. Then it was Embassy Search and Destroy. There was a tie after three rounds. But in three consecutive rounds, the Minnesota RØKKR won the map 6-3.

The third map was El Asilo Control and Minnesota seemed determined not to give OpTic an opportunity to reverse the sweep like they did with Atlanta FaZe last week. A 3-1 victory on Control delivered the final 3-0 win that secured RØKKR’s ticket to Championship Sunday.

Minnesota will take on Atlanta today, Sunday February 5, for a place in the Boston Major grand finals. With this loss, OpTic falls into the elimination round and later in the day meets the Boston Breach for their survival in the tournament.