CCT Online Finals #5 favorites

CCT Online Finals #5 is about to start. Over the next eight days, 16 teams will try to qualify... Radu M. | 30. November 2023

CCT Online Finals #5 is about to start. Over the next eight days, 16 teams will try to qualify for CCT Global Finals, scheduled for May 2024. Only two of them will succeed.

The prize pool of the tournament is $200.000, $100.000 of which will go to the winners. The format is double-elimination. Every match is a best-of-three series. All of the 16 teams start in the upper bracket. Some are more lucky than others and will encounter relatively weak opponents in the first round and even the second round if they qualify.


Here are the 16 teams that will take part in the race:

  • G2 Esports
  • Sprout
  • SAW
  • Aurora Gaming
  • BIG
  • Guild Eagles
  • 9Pandas
  • Into The Breach
  • Fluxo
  • Anonymo Esports
  • Team Space
  • Zero Tenacity
  • Legacy
  • RED Canids

Most of these teams are not well-known because they’re not in the top 30. But some of them are among the world’s best. These will be the favorites to win the competition or at least qualify for the Global Finals.


The favorites of CCT Online Finals #5 are G2 Esports and BIG. The skill difference between them and the other competitors is so immense that it’s hard to add anyone else to the list.

G2 recently changed their roster. Jks was benched and was replaced by nexa, who spent a total of more than two years playing for G2, between 2019 and 2022. Now he’s back and he’s likely to accomplish spectacular things.

Last time, he played in the Grand Final of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 and IEM Cologne. He also won Champions Cup Finals in 2019 and was 3rd – 4th at BLAST Premier: World Final 2022.

Since then, he matured as a player but more importantly, G2’s roster was substantially upgraded. Players like m0NESY should make things easier for nexa. Trophies are not that hard to win when you have some of the best players in the world, and an event like this one should be even more accessible.

With no one but G2 and BIG in the race as major candidates, there’s no excuse for G2 to not win or at least compete in the Grand Final.

In BIG’s case, we had the opportunity to see their new roster at Thunderpick Championship (5th – 8th), Roobet Cup (5th – 8th) and other tournaments. The potential is there but no major titles have been won so far.

Header: G2 Esports