Caster Cap opens about his chronic illness

The popular Dota 2 caster Cap has recently spoken out about his health on social media. Fans were shocked... Fragster | 10. January 2023

The popular Dota 2 caster Cap has recently spoken out about his health on social media. Fans were shocked by how little did they know about the caster’s suffering from two difficult chronic illnesses, neither of which has a cure.

North American caster Austin “Cap” Walsh is a well-known and popular face in the Dota 2 scene. Although he has a successful career, he recently admitted that he almost ended it because of his health issues.

At a first glance, you don’t see that Cap suffers from two difficult chronic diseases, one of which is primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).

This disease causes the bile ducts to be permanently inflamed and the liver severely affected. It also results in ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammation of the gut. At the moment, there is no cure for this disease and the only solution is a liver transplant.

Covid-19 the cause? 

Cap hasn’t been living with this disease for long. According to his words, he was infected with the coronavirus at The International, after which he developed strange symptoms: his whole body started to itch badly. However, the itch was internal, so he couldn’t scratch himself. The only thing that supposedly helped were cold showers, but that was only for a short time.

His doctor gave him medication which helped, but shortly thereafter his problem got worse and the caster started having issues with holding bowel movements. During the casting at ESL One Malaysia, the problem got so bad that he needed to wear a diaper on stage. After that, he seriously considered ending his career and retiring from the entire business.

Despite his illness, Cap did not want to give up his career

Luckily, Cap found out that the medication he was taking to relieve the itching made the symptoms worse. He said that soon after he stopped taking the meds, the symptoms were “reasonably tolerable again,” that’s why he decided to give his career another chance and keep fighting his way through.

At the moment, Cap is in the process of finding the right medication that will hopefully help him. He is also aware that there is no cure for his disease, which means the symptoms are likely to worsen over time and he may need a liver transplant or colostomy. Nevertheless, he wants to continue living his life as normally as possible and hopes that his story will encourage other people who also suffer from a chronic illness.

“I hope by sharing my experience, I helped at least one person with a chronic disease. Its sucks but it’s not the end of the world. When I was diagnosed, the end game of the diseases seemed scary, but life goes on.”