Radu M. | 3. August 2022

Boombl4 reveals why he wasn’t able to join G2 Esports

In a recent YouTube interview, Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov, the former IGL of Natus Vincere, disclosed that he was in talks with G2 Esports this year for a potential contract.

The European organization wanted to sign him for their CS:GO team, but imposed a series of conditions that he couldn’t meet.

Boombl4’s talks with G2

Boombl4 was involved in a scandal this year and was ultimately benched by Na’Vi due to “reputational risks” despite his notable contribution to the team’s success. The 23-year-old player, who continues to be listed as an inactive member of the Ukrainian org, was part of the first Na’Vi roster that won the CS:GO Major Stockholm 2021.

However, right at the height of his team’s success, the political situation between Russia, where he’s from, and Ukraine got ugly, and Boombl4’s relationship with his wife turned sour as well. Boombl4 came under fire following multiple of his wife’s pro-Russian social media posts, which resulted in his benching.

Trapped in a really bad situation, Boombl4 decided to divorce his wife Lika and start searching for other CS:GO teams that might be interested in his skillset.

G2 Esports have had a lot of poor results in 2022 and it’s obvious that the team needs a better IGL. Boombl4 would have been perfect for the role. However, according to his words, joining G2 would have forced him to be away from family and friends for a long time. And in his case, that’s a recipe for emotional disaster.

Boombl4 described himself as someone who needs to recharge his batteries by being near family and friends. Without that, his emotional state would get ruined and he would no longer perform as well as he usually does.

Apart from his unwillingness to relocate to a foreign country, Boombl4 also mentioned his poor English skills and his bad reputation as two of the big reasons why the discussions with G2 couldn’t go to the next stage.

New team on the horizon?

It seems that the combination between a public marriage proposal and a public divorce had a big impact on Boombl4’s image. Esports players and organizations are nowadays expected to maintain a positive reputation. Otherwise, a lot of sponsors won’t even talk to them or their organization, simply because too much depends on one’s reputation.

Boombl4 is yet to redeem himself after the public humiliation he’s gone through this year and hardly any big org will touch him until he does. This is probably one of the reasons why he mentioned that he intends to create his own team and that he already has a few players in mind.

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