BLAST’s production error that could have caused an integrity breach at Paris Major

BLAST’s production error could have caused an integrity breach at Paris Major. A couple of days ago, specifically on... Maria | 16. May 2023

BLAST’s production error could have caused an integrity breach at Paris Major. A couple of days ago, specifically on May 13, it was seen that many of the elite teams in the competition in their first best-of-one matchup got through it unscathed. However, in the second round, it did not happen similarly.

Now, as the teams prepare for the second day of the Legends Phase, some of the top teams, such as FURIA, G2 Esports, and 9INE, face the possibility of being eliminated very soon after being dominant in the previous phase of the event.

However, everyone’s attention was focused on FaZe Clan, who joined the group of the teams above after losing against Heroic and Into The Breach.

Remember that FaZe Clan made it to the Paris Major after surviving the Last Chance Qualifier and the Challengers Stage. While Into The Breach arrived at the Major as the best team after their excellent performance at the RMR in Europe.

However, after ITB’s triumph, information was leaked where it could be seen how there were some TV screens where the match was being watched live. Apparently, only a few rounds could be seen at the end of the map; however, there is no evidence that ITB used this information to make a profit. Similarly, it was almost impossible for players to understand the images at such a great distance.

Major error at the Paris Major

For such an error to occur at a tournament of the magnitude of the Major causes many people to question the integrity of the competition.

After this information was leaked, a few fans called for the game to be replayed and accused ITB of cheating. However, a larger group showed annoyance with the mistake’s culprit, BLAST.

Analyst Janko “YNk” Paunovic has given his opinion about this error in the Major. YNk comments that many fans will try to belittle ITB’s victory over FaZe Clan without knowing if they looked at the screen.

Furthermore, he adds that it is very difficult to know if there was a positive benefit on ITB’s part. But certainly, BLAST should never have allowed such a failure to occur.

BLAST’s comments on the error at the Paris Major

Recently a BLAST representative commented that there had been a production error in the showdown between Into The Breach and FaZe Clan. This representative claims it was possible to watch the live broadcast from the ITB booths; however, they had already conducted an investigation.

According to the investigation, ITB did not benefit from the external information of the game at any time. Finally, the BLAST representative states that this error has been resolved and will not happen again.

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