Baldur’s Gate 3 All Adamantine Forge Items

In the expansive world of “Baldur’s Gate 3,” players are presented with a multitude of decision-making opportunities that significantly... Pablo | 10. February 2024

In the expansive world of “Baldur’s Gate 3,” players are presented with a multitude of decision-making opportunities that significantly influence their gaming experience. However, the possibilities for creating new equipment are surprisingly limited within the game’s system. The ability to craft items is largely concentrated in a singular quest line.

This specific quest, known as “The Adamantine Forge,” becomes the central hub for players looking to explore crafting mechanics. It allows the forging of six distinct items tied to the narrative of the quest. With such a focused crafting route, the game channels players into a narrower but more integrated equipment creation path.

The Essence of Grymforge’s Adamantine Forge in Baldur’s Gate III

In Baldur’s Gate 3, a compelling challenge presents itself in Grymforge, a city with Duergar inhabitants where the Adamantine Forge rests. Upon nearing the twilight of the first Act, adventurers can embark on a side quest that culminates in the opportunity to fabricate a pair of adamantine items deep within the city’s forge.


The adamantine crafting selection narrows down to a total of six possible creations, comprising a trio of armor sets and an equal number of weapons. Adventurers must first procure distinct moulds scattered in the vicinity of the Adamantine Forge to craft each unique item.

Unyielding Warhammer Specifications

Combat Attributes of the Unyielding Warhammer

  • Deals 1d6 plus any modifiers in bludgeoning damage
  • Receives a +1 bonus on attack and damage calculations
  • Not impeded by bludgeoning resistance of foes
  • Guarantees critical hits against non-living objects

For adventurers preferring the heft of a mace, there’s an alternative to the Adamantine Mace. Should one desire to equip their ally with a formidable mace, seek the Blood of Lathandar at the Rosymorn Monastery, a notable armament in the game.

The blueprint for crafting this warhammer is easily located; adventurers need only to enter the Adamantine Forge vicinity, where the blueprint awaits atop a pedestal at coordinates x: -609, y: 284.

Characteristics of the Adamantine Blade

Specifications of the Adamantine Blade

  • Versatile handling allows for single or dual-handed use.
  • Deals 1d8 or 1d10 slashing damage, depending on the grip, with an additional attack modifier.
  • Provides a +1 bonus to hit and damage.
  • Bypasses resistance to slashing damage.
  • Guarantees critical hits on non-living objects.

Retrieving the blueprint for this blade involves traversing to a metal walkway in Grymforge, achievable by various means such as leveraging a character’s strength or using jump-enhancing abilities. On the northernmost end of this walkway, the blueprint awaits discovery at coordinates x: -625, y: 410.

Unbreakable Curved Blade

Characteristics of the Unbreakable Curved Blade

  • Damage: 1d6 + Modifier (Slashing Type)
  • Bonus: +1 to Hit and Damage Calculations
  • Resistance Bypass: Slashes through Slashing Resistance entirely
  • Object Penetration: Guarantees Critical Strikes on non-living targets
  • Properties: Light, allowing for dual-wielding; Finesse, enabling Dexterity for attack

To acquire the blade mold, it can be retrieved without difficulty en route to the Forge of Adamant. Engaging two levers is necessary to reposition a floating platform. This mold is obtainable from a skeletal remnant lying beneath these levers at coordinates x: -607, y: 322.

Indestructible Aegis

Characteristics of Indestructible Aegis

  • Enhanced Protection: +2 to Armor Class
  • Staggering Blow: Opponents receive a -1 penalty to their attack rolls for 2 turns after a missed strike against the bearer
  • No susceptibility to Critical Strikes from adversaries
  • Counterstrike Maneuver: Ability to knock adversaries to the ground

A unique shield transcends the majority, harmonizing with various adventurers, whether fighters, clerics, or paladins. Besides augmenting defense capabilities, the wondrous guard applies negative effects on foes with failed assaults. Additionally, it shields its user from fatal blows and grants the capacity to unsettle opponents with a powerful bash.

The acquisition of this protective gear involves a simple lockpicking task, overcoming a difficulty check (DC) of 12. A place holds the secret to its creation – navigate to the far end of the upper level after bypassing the lock. There, amidst other treasures, lies a skeletal remnant guarding the recipe for this exceptional aegis. Explorers are encouraged to examine the vicinity for rich historical knowledge.

Exceptional Mesh of Adamant

Characteristics of Adamantine Mesh Garb

  • Armor Class (AC): 16
  • Counterbalance Mechanism: Inflicts a -1 penalty to the assailant’s roll for two turns subsequent to a successful strike
  • Critical Hit Immunity: Prevents adversaries from landing critical hits on the wearer
  • Limited Stealth: Increases difficulty in remaining undetected

This particular armor easily stands out given its location. Adventurers can promptly journey to the Adamantine Forge landmark and venture just a little to the southwest. Here, on the soil near an assemblage of skeletal remains at coordinates (x: -621, y: 260), lies the armor. Though the bones may be lifeless, the armor guarding them remains vigilant.

Unyielding Plate Reinforcement

Characteristics of Impenetrable Plate Defense

  • Armor Class (AC): 18
  • Damage Mitigation: Lessens each strike by 2 points.
  • Combat Impact: Assailants suffer a -1 penalty to attack rolls for three turns subsequent to landing a blow.

To acquire the design for this formidable defense, one must journey to the Adamantine Forge Waypoint, venture eastward a brief distance, then veer slightly north to encounter a staircase. At the zenith of these stairs, on the port side adjacent to skeletal remains, the design lies in wait (coordinates: x: -597, y: 309).

Rankings of Adamantine Forge Equipment in Baldur’s Gate III

In Baldur’s Gate III, players have strategic decisions to make regarding the limited Adamantine Forge items they can create. At the top of the list, the Adamantine Splint Armor stands out, offering excellent defense by reducing incoming damage and eliminating the chance of critical hits against the wearer. It pushes attackers back, though it’s restricted to characters proficient in heavy armor.

Following closely is the Adamantine Scale Mail, a strong choice for those seeking a balance between mobility and protection. The Adamantine Shield also earns a high rank among the forgeable items for its defensive capabilities.

Lesser, though still formidable, are the Adamantine Scimitar, Adamantine Longsword, and Adamantine Mace. These weapons, while potent, do not offer the same level of strategic advantage as the top-tier armors and the shield.

Adventurers must defeat the challenging Grym and judiciously use scarce Mithral Ore to forge only two items. Therefore, the decision of which Adamantine items to craft should not be taken lightly, as each choice significantly impacts their journey and combat effectiveness.