Pro Gamers Signed by UAE Firm in Bid for Esports Millions

An increasing number of gamers are looking to turn professional in the middle east, with a number having recently... Pablo | 16. September 2020

An increasing number of gamers are looking to turn professional in the middle east, with a number having recently been signed by an Esports firm based in the United Arab Emirates. Galaxy Racer eSports has so far signed a total of eight international and regional teams to date, providing a platform for them to compete in professional competitions. As a result, those involved take home a fixed salary, along with a proportion of prize money earned from tournaments.

Mohammed Abdulaziz Almatrooshi is a 19-year-old who has joined the team in order to play League of Legends, with Galaxy Racer having made the decision because of his high game ranking. With the help of Almatrooshi, the team would win the Intel Arabian Cup UAE, qualifying for the regional stages of the competition as a result, where they will test themselves against the best the Middle East has to offer. The recent win also delivered Dh18,000 in prize money, the equivalent of almost $5,000.

How Esports is Growing in the Middle East

The Middle East’s Esports scene is growing rapidly, with some tournaments offering as much as Dh1 million in prize money, demonstrating why teams such as Galaxy Racer are looking to make their mark. This includes adding an all-girl team, with Russia’s Ksenia Klyuenkova having recently been added to this roster. Klyuenkova quit her day job back in 2015, while she is now part of a roster that features five women from four different nations. The team already won the GirlGamer Festival in Dubai back in February, before finishing as runners up at the DreamHack Showdown in June.

What Does the Future Hold for Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer is one of the biggest names in the UEA Esports scene, while they have hired popular social media influencer Naji Elqaq as a streamer and content creator, in an attempt to grab a proportion of the 32 million people who watch live games online today.

The main goal for Galaxy Racer is to build a world-class Esports organisation that will be based in Dubai, with recent steps having them well on the way. They now have players from 21 different countries, helping to make up eight teams around the world, while they have hired some of the best coaches, psychologists and support staff in the business.