Fragster | 17. January 2023

Apex Legends missteps: What’s going on at Respawn?

Apex Legends is going through one misstep after another. First, an update that should finally recognize the involvement of many content creators in skin designs was released sooner than supposed. Then, one creator’s name was misspelled, and Horizon was accidentally nerfed. What’s going on at Respwan?

It’s just not a good look if you spell the names wrong. But to make matters worse, another update was released too early in which Horizon should be nerfed. This nerf has now been undone.

The whole Apex community is asking: Can Respawn get its problems under control?

Drama returns

Content creators have expressed frustration with Apex Legends since early 2022 for not being rewarded for their work on collaborative skin designs. Other popular Apex Legends streamers were disappointed that weapon skins inspired by them weren’t even mentioned in-game.

Their names were only mentioned in one blog post, although that had all been agreed upon differently at the beginning. Then Respawn wanted to listen to the community and wanted to make amends.

So, after almost a year, the developers announced an update to add the names of the creators to the in-game skins. The names would now appear in the descriptions of the skins.

Misspelled name

However, the update still wasn’t without issues, as LuluLuvely’s name was misspelled in the description of her R301 skin. This prompted a lot of backlash against Apex Legends developers as fans were already upset by last year’s drama.

Apex Legends Senior Producer Josh Medina apologized for the mistake and admitted that the patch was accidentally released too early. Medina added that the skins will all be “tagged” when the official update for the game comes out. Respawn also included a statement of its own, calling the accidentally omitted UI update “embarrassing.”