Alpha7 Esports earns a berth in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational

Alpha7 Esports earned a spot in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational after being crowned champion of the PMPL Americas... Maria | 30. May 2023

Alpha7 Esports earned a spot in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational after being crowned champion of the PMPL Americas Championship in the Spring 2023 season.

Alpha7 Esports stands out in the PMPL Americas competitive scene

Recently, Alpha7 Esports has shown its full potential; thanks to that, it has stood out in the Brazilian competitive scene and has been crowned as the champion team of the PMPL Americas Championship. Alpha7 Esports dominated all of its rival teams from the beginning of the tournament.

The club proved to be a cut above the other teams and was able to advance quickly on the third day of the tournament. As a result, after 24 matches, Alpha7 Esports accumulated 223 points.

With Alpha7 Esports’ points, the team secured first place in the tournament and a spot in the upcoming PMWI World Invitational, the biggest PUBG Mobile competition.

With the victory of the 2023 PMPL Americas Championship, the team receives their second championship title. The first title was achieved in November 2021. Alpha 7 Esports, this year, has achieved what all PUBG Mobile teams dream of winning the two most important competitions in which they participated this 2023. But that’s not all. It got an important pass to the World.

The team won the championship title and won the $25,000 prize.

PMPL Americas Championship

N Hyper scored 201 points and placed second in the tournament, following the reigning champions. However, despite N Hyper’s effort, the team did not achieve the goal of being the champion. On the other hand, N Hyper also took second place in the PUBG Mobile North American regional tournament.

The Brazilian team Intense Game occupied third place of the PMPL Americas Championship. This team was very strong and led the list of teams on the third day; however, after suffering in their last six games, they were in third place with 198 points.

PMPL Americas Championship standings

  1. Alpha7 Esports
  2. N Hyper Esports
  4. Influence Chemin Esports
  5. All Glory Gaming
  6. Loops Esports
  7. Flamengo Esports
  8. iNCO Gaming
  9. Young Kings Global
  10. OverKnight
  11. Aton Esports
  12. Teamjaguar
  13. Dope Esports LLC
  14. Royals of War
  15. The Panthers
  16. The Chosen NA

On the other hand, last year’s fall edition champions, Influence Chemin, finished in fourth place with 171 points. However, INCO Gaming, the team that led the tournament’s first day, had scored 84 points in only six games. After that, however, the team could not stay consistent and struggled to score 66 points in the other 18 games.

Undoubtedly, the tournament showed that the Brazilian teams were in better shape than the United States and LATAM; all the Brazilian teams finished in the top eight.

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