Activision rolls out more updates for Warzone Mobile as Season 3 update nears release

Optimizations and other fixes are now being released ahead of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s Season 3 release. This... Paolo | 2. April 2024

Optimizations and other fixes are now being released ahead of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile’s Season 3 release.

This major release is the first major update two weeks into the game’s global release last March 21st.

In a recent post, Activision detailed four main concerns that were pointed out by the community following a storm of criticisms about the game – from heating problems to the emergence of controller players.




Many content creators have been clamoring for better graphics and performance optimizations on Android devices for the game. From choosing better graphics to longer load times, as well as disconnections and graphics corruptions, Activision rolled out a series of fixes.

Android settings have been adjusted after finding out that some devices were using higher default settings than intended. Low-fi graphics issues were resolved by loading more assets before matches were made, and a bug fix for vehicles and buy stations was fixed. The “rejoin match” option was also made available for those who experienced crashes.


Regardless of what device one was using at global release, many complained of hot thermals caused by Warzone Mobile, with memes and jokes poking fun at the said issue.

Activision seems to have adjusted the temperatures by identifying the cause, which was a higher default FPS cap for certain devices. They have made adjustments to better keep devices cool and are continuing to adjust other features that affect device temperatures.


This issue is related to the one before, as Activision saw the many complaints creators had with the game’s graphics. They detailed that streaming was the reason as to why the installing footprint and download size was smaller, but internet connectivity was pinned as the source of why some players had lower tier graphics. Activision decided to fix the issue by adding in more graphics before matches to improve overall quality.

And like in the previous chapter, default FPS settings were set too high for some devices that caused temperature upticks. FPS settings have already been adjusted for lower-to-mid tier devices.




Gameplay difficulty had indeed intensified over the course of the launch, with more and more players jumping into Verdansk, the matchmaking pools have made it harder for lower-level players to properly grind out their ranks. Activision adjusted this to add a better layer of matchmaking for newer players.

On the other hand, controllers have become some sort of a meta in itself, with faster aim assist compared to those using purely touch screens. As a result, Activision is currently evaluating balancing player matchmaking pools through touch and controllers.


The Season 3 update drops April 3rd in different areas worldwide.