A new Chinese LoL esports TV show in production

League of Legends and LPL lovers, we bring you very good news. As reported in the last few hours,... Eduardo | 12. April 2023

League of Legends and LPL lovers, we bring you very good news. As reported in the last few hours, a new series of Riot Games’ MOBA based on the LPL, the regional League of Legends league in China, is in the works. In addition, it became known that, in front of the project, we will have one of the most popular martial arts movie directors in this country, Zhang Yi-Mou.

Creating a new series is just a sign of the great popularity of esports in China. Moreover, this will not be the first League of Legends-based series to be launched in this region, as Arcane has been a great success and received much praise from the community.

Zhang Yi-Mou confirms the arrival of a new LoL series

In an official press release, Zhang Yi-Mou, the legendary director of Chinese martial arts films, announced that he is working on a new TV series based on League of Legends.

While the announcement is entirely in Chinese, according to official translations, the Chinese director states that he will be in charge of directing and producing a new LoL series. While not 100 percent confirmed, this series will likely be based on the LPL, the Chinese League of Legends circuit.

On the other hand, Zhang Yi-Mou points out that this new TV series will completely differ from other projects he has produced. In addition, he also reported that this series would be aimed at a much younger audience and even said that his grandchildren are League of Legends players.

Let’s remember that Zhang Yi-Mou is very popular for producing martial arts movies in China, such as Full River Red, Shadow, and The House of Flying Daggers.

Finally, the press release highlights that this new series will bring 40 episodes that will be 45 minutes long each. In addition, the series centers around Bai Yang, who exchanges his soul with Ma Da, a professional esports player.

Series aimed at Chinese gamers

After watching and reading the official press release regarding this new League of Legends TV series, it appears to be specifically focused on the Chinese LoL scene. As a result, it is more than likely that, after its premiere, those fans from other regions of the world who speak different languages will have to wait some time to receive a version adapted to their language or simply the translation.

However, this will not impede fans of League of Legends or esports in general, as let’s remember that The King’s Avatar series, which is also a Chinese series, was a huge success worldwide.

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