WZM: Holger 26 best-for-mobile loadout!

The LMG sibling of the Holger 556, the Holger 26 is an effective and faster-firing counterpart of the Holger... Paolo | 2. April 2024

The LMG sibling of the Holger 556, the Holger 26 is an effective and faster-firing counterpart of the Holger family of weapons.

It has been consistent in terms of damage output and handling, even if it has a slower rate of fire compared to other weapons in its class. 

What are some of the best attachments for a classic LMG that’s also flexible for all-round play? We tested it out during this Global Release and found this build to work!


BARREL: Holger Factory Barrel (unlocked at Level 13)

This reliable, mid-to-long-range barrel allows the Holger 556 to gain both a slight bullet velocity and range buff, as well as recoil and gun kick control to allow for better firing and engaging in the mid-to-long-range category.

MUZZLE: Sonic Suppressor (unlocked by leveling the Holger 556 to Level 16)

The Sonic Suppressor greatly increases bullet velocity and a small damage range increase, allowing you to engage enemies at better distances. 

STOCK: Ascent Lord stock (unlocked at Level 4)

The Ascent Lord stock allows for better recoil control and aiming stability which can help you mow down enemies with ease.

UNDERBARREL: Bruen Heavy Support Grip (unlocked by leveling the Striker SMG to Level 8)

One of two greatly performing grips in Warzone Mobile, the Bruen Heavy Support Grip ensures overall horizontal recoil control and firing aim stability. The grip also does not employ any sprint-to-fire penalties, so make the most out of the grip to ensure good hits and recoil control with the Holger 556.

OPTIC: Corio Eagleseye 2.5x (unlocked by either leveling up the MCW 6.8 to Level 8 or the DM56 to Level 19)

Undoubtedly a favorite of meta builders in Warzone’s PC version, the Corio Eagleseye has the best balance of range, visual shake control, and ADS time that will allow the user to aim at the mid-to-long range category. Use the scope to engage whether in short or mid-range engagements and spot targets with its simple yet effective 2.5x magnification.



AMMUNITION: 100 round drum (unlocked at Level 19)

Turning the Holger 26 into an effective weapon for sustained fire is easy enough and can be achieved through the 100-round drum attachment. Sustained fire can help you in the close-to-mid range, and this attachment can replace the barrel.

OPTIC: Slate Reflector [to replace Corio Eagleseye] (unlocked by leveling up the Striker to Level 12)

If you want a more close-quarter oriented optic for your Holger 26, the Slate Reflector provides a very small blue-dot reticle with a wide field of view.

These attachments can help you utilize the slow-firing yet hard-hitting build that the Holger 26 has to offer!