Worlds 2023: The strongest teams in each major region

Worlds 2023 is just several weeks away. This tournament will be by far the most important LoL event of... Radu M. | 18. September 2023

Worlds 2023 is just several weeks away. This tournament will be by far the most important LoL event of the season. Over a period of six weeks, we will find out who the best team in the world is right now.

LoL is a global esports that has around a dozen different leagues. But the most important of them are LPL (China), LCK (South Korea), LEC (Europe), and LCS (North America). From each of these regions, either three or four teams will compete in the great event. All of them are strong, but some are much stronger than the rest.

LPL’s greatest team

In 2023, the battle in LPL took place between JD Gaming and Bilibili Gaming. JDG won both splits, including the Mid-Season Invitational, which is the reason why they should be regarded as the strongest team in the region.

Many say that they will be the next Worlds winners. And unless T1 or some other South Korean team can stop them, the predictions will prove to be correct.

LCK’s strongest team

This region was more volatile than it should have been. The pecking order changed dramatically from Spring to Summer, and the main reason was Faker’s health. He got injured and his team went from being the best in the region to finishing 5th with a record of 9 W – 9 L. But, in the playoffs, T1 managed to finish 2nd.

This result guaranteed that they would compete at Worlds 2023. The winner of the  Summer split playoffs was the same team who won the Spring split playoffs: Gen.G Esports. This is the reason why many pundits regard Gen.G as the strongest South Korean team in the race. But T1 are certainly very close to them.

LEC’s strongest team

In LEC, it feels like we’re back to the good old days when G2 Esports and Fnatic were winning absolutely every single split. This season, it was G2’s turn to be victorious. However, throughout the year, MAD Lions also had a lot of good results.

This makes it a bit difficult to pick just one favorite. But if it has to be one, then it’s certainly G2 Esports. They have the most experience and are arguably in the best form of the three LEC competitors.

LCS’ strongest team

In this region it’s very easy to determine the favorite. Cloud9 may have lost the Grand Final in the playoffs of LCS Summer, but they’re still much stronger than the rest of the LCS teams.

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