Volkswagen Golf GTI comes to Rocket League in season 10

Psyonix advises all game fans to relax and rest after the forbidden temple and dragon battles. The fight of... Maria | 7. March 2023

Psyonix advises all game fans to relax and rest after the forbidden temple and dragon battles. The fight of fire and ice is over; it’s time to look forward to a new paradise for season 10. This season includes new arenas, items, and the seasonal Rocket Pass.

According to the announcement, season 10 is about resting in a flourishing oasis. The new Rocket League season will be available from March 8 to June 7.

All about Rocket League season 10

Rocket Pass

The historic VW Golf GTI, the first Volkswagen to grace the field, will arrive with the Season 10 Rocket Pass. The familiar Octane Hitbox will accompany the vehicle. Additionally, players can obtain the modified Volkswagen Golf GTI RLE with higher Rocket Pass ranks.

There will also be a bunch of new nature-inspired decals, wheels, paints, and meta blasts.

Items you can get in Season 10

  • Serenity Engine Audio
  • Tranquil Engine Audio
  • Glister Trail
  • SpotDot Decal
  • Whip Antenna
  • Lotus Bloom Goal Explosion

In addition, you will have the opportunity to get free items such as the Fish Fly Antenna, the Baby Turtle Topper, and the Manta Ray Topper.

New Arena

With the addition of flowering plants and animals, the Deadeye Canyon arena will be transformed into Deadeye Canyon (Oasis). From what we could see in the trailers, the new arena seems to embody serenity and tranquility, with stunning aurora borealis dancing in the starry skies.

In addition, a new song by Zensei titled “The Oasis” will be available on Rocket League Radio and serve as an anthem for players.

Tournament prizes

Rocket League Season 10 tournament prizes are as follows:

  • Astronaut Antenna
  • Ramen bowl stopper
  • Polyhedral Goal Blast
  • Scalescore decal

New matchmaking timeout counter

The Rocket League community did not receive the old in-game roster population displayed well. When searching for a matchup, selecting “Excellent,” “Great,” or “Fantastic” did not provide the expected wait time. As a result, Psyonix introduced the average wait time counter, which would be visible when searching for matches.

Rocket League Video Series Returns

In April 2022, Rocket League released Under the Hood, giving players a behind-the-scenes look. The third episode will cover the Rocket League engine sound recording process. On March 9, the episode premieres on the Rocket League YouTube channel.

Complete Season 9 to receive rewards

Season 9 rewards, according to previous announcements from Psyonix, would consist of a set of wheels. You still have time to level up and get more rewards awarded according to your rank. Please note that all progress is reset when a new season arrives.

Header: Psyonix